Is Euphoria the most disturbing VN?

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#1 by kaynedenny5454
2017-10-31 at 21:50
Is Euphoria the most disturbing and messed Visual Novel and does it have the most fucked up things like Infant rape and child pornography or is there a more disturbing Visual Novel?Last modified on 2017-10-31 at 21:53
#2 by fuukanou
2017-10-31 at 22:04
No (most messed up), no (infant rape), no (cp), probably (more disturbing).
#3 by gabezhul
2017-10-31 at 22:18
Euphoria has an exaggerated reputation. Now don't take me wrong, if you are a milksop who never looked at guro, DBSM or even just hardcore bondage, then yes, this is a disturbing VN. I admit that before it was translated, I only knew it as "That from which a lot of shock-images come from on image boards.", but after actually reading it a little... well, it is indeed disturbing, but it's not because of the sex and the guro and the snuff, but because of the psychology and just how fucked up the entire situation is.

But then again, I am so jaded at this point that when I look at, say, a j7w doujin where a little girl gets fucked in the ass by a horse, my reaction could be summed up as "Hm, the anatomy is totally wrong, the angle of penetration is impossible, and you can't even see the girl's face in the process, 2/5 stars"... In other words, I might not be the best yardstick for measuring "disturbing", is all I'm saying.
#4 by encrypted12345
2017-10-31 at 22:36
Lol, no infant rape. CP maybe if you count 2D, but everyone 17 and under who screws is technically CP by that metric. It does have scat though.

Honestly, the worst scenes didn't involve guro at all, but they were psychologically messed up.

It might be up there if you only count English translated VNs, but it's hard to claim something like that about the medium as a whole with how many non-translated Japanese VNs there are.Last modified on 2017-10-31 at 22:36
#5 by sakurakoi
2017-10-31 at 22:49
Welp... somehow I ended up writing a lot (more than I wanted to) and am now afraid it'd make me look teribad in many ways if one wanted to interpret my statements that way. So I'll just keep it short and write:

#6 by loctar87
2017-11-01 at 01:32
It depends entirely on your definition of disturbing. If your looking for a good-quality-English-translated-loli-abuse kind of disturbing, then Saya no Uta might rank higher. I'm sure there's plenty junk VNs with gore or whatever else that will have higher image shock value, but they aren't usually going to be very well written.
#7 by rusanon
2017-11-01 at 05:43
Euphoria is like 6.5/10 on disturbance scale.
Plenty of games are higher than it, starting with Maggot Baits of same dev and then stuff like Nikuniku, Cyclet games, Black Cyc games, TinkerBell games.
#8 by siliparion
2017-11-01 at 07:11
The godawful OVA probably helped in making euphoria look worse than it is. It's a story-driven game but the OVA cut the good bits to focus of being a sadistic rape/torture fest.

Not that the VN doesn't have messed-up scenes (it has) but they aren't that bad. Hell, you don't even have guro unless you go for a specific ending.
#9 by kaynedenny5454
2017-11-03 at 00:03
What VNs have infant rape and child pornography?Last modified on 2017-11-03 at 00:03
#10 by behappyeveryday
2018-08-10 at 14:51
Guys, child pornography is when someone have sex with a child, in other words a person who yet to reach pubescence i.y. under 10-11 years old or looks like one.
#11 by kirumo
2018-08-18 at 03:27
It's in the top 10 of most disturbing translated VNs, but it isn't the most disturbing.
For example : I think that Homeless Joshi ***Gakusei is more disturbing.
#12 by shining17
2018-08-18 at 03:42
Dustmania is on par or even more disturbing than Euphoria.
#13 by kominara
2018-08-18 at 04:00
#12 Dustmania is less disturbing and more just kind of disgusting.
#14 by deepweb666
2018-08-18 at 04:57
Yandere,, normal VN with a bit of surprise in the end..
#15 by krykry
2018-08-18 at 05:48
Well, there are stuff like Maggot Baits which includes shitton of disturbing scenes while being a high quality high budget product.Last modified on 2018-08-18 at 05:48
#16 by kominara
2018-08-18 at 05:49
#14 Well...that one does warn you in the title...

I think Yandere is so cliched and over the top that it’s not even really that disturbing. It’s not too much worse than, say, the no Naku Koro ni series, really.
#17 by shinylorelei
2019-02-24 at 11:51
Euphoria is actually pretty tame compared to similar titles of it's nature. There's hardly any gore and the scat isn't even that bad.
#18 by erohatasensei
2019-02-24 at 12:01
Not even close.
#19 by cyric
2019-02-24 at 13:23
It has some things that are not to my taste, but I wouldn't call it disturbing.


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