Rape by Non-Protagonist tag - useful or not?

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#51 by entra
2018-04-21 at 13:17
@50 I think you're being a bit disingenuous there. For one, I don't think there's straight spectrum between those and see it as much more dimensional than that. Secondly, I'd argue the games just outside (or portrayed on the outside as) "pure love" are far more in need of the spoiler than people looking to fap. Lastly, it is possible for a tag to provide negative value overall. If it's use at finding/avoiding content is outweighed by the current reality of people not bothering or not knowing how to set the spoiler, I don't think a tag should be added. I'm hopeful the database can move towards forcing people to pick between the current four levels rather than default to neutral. Until then imo it's not helpful to dismiss this concern.
#52 by kratoscar2008
2018-04-21 at 19:30
I explained before why the tag would be useful. As i said before there are a lot of games that still use a lot of generic set ups for their content: elf rape? Gangbangs and Orcs are usually the ingredient for those hence games were only the MC rapes the elves need that tag (As explained in Elf Futago Hime). Revenge rape? Protag trows a bunch of dudes at the girls to punish them so a tag to find the ones were protag wants to punish them himself is needed (Like the upcoming BISHOP game). Chikan? The protag along other dudes gropes girls and eventually lets others join so a tag is again needed when only MC does the chikan stuff (Bakunyu Celeb). There are other games that would benefit of such a tag and that was the main reason i support this tag. The sex with others trait is not as useful since its focused on a single character, that tag is not useful to properly find VNs. Thats why now i support this one were its exclusively reserved for rape, but apparently even that is a no-no?

I want an answer and if rejected i want an actual basis rather than it being a chore to tag. In the same sense we have a male protag tag which is kinda useless since nearly all VNs have one, so what changed? Why now having "common tags" is seen in a bad light?Last modified on 2018-04-21 at 19:33
#53 by savagetiger
2018-04-21 at 21:54
The answer why nothing's been done yet is because nutella, warfoki, and takata the tag mods haven't edited or posted anything in months so they're probably too busy to do anything on this site.
#54 by bobjr2000
2018-04-21 at 23:11
Was thinking of adding a new trait but some one has already use exact name. fairly convinced it is going to be denied. Was wondering if guys think its ok to try adding trait anyways. Since it seems like its going to be awhile before some one actual looks at tags/trats.Last modified on 2018-04-21 at 23:11
#55 by warfoki
2018-09-28 at 19:11
Well, since this came up in the general tag discussions, might as well necro this thread.

Ok, so people keep claiming in here that implications this and that... No, if the tag's functionality relies on implications instead of factualities, that's already a bad start. Like no way in hell that I'll ever approve "Protagonist (not) willing to share his women" as a tag for this very reason. While there are going to be clear cases, but hell there will so many on the line, where it's up to the readers how they want to take it.

Spoilerous nature of tags is irrelevant. They just have to be marked with spoilers. In fact, I'm thinking asking Yorhel to add a "default spoiler setting" option to tags and traits in general that only tagmods can modify. So if something is tagged with, I dunno, Bad Endings Only, then the tag would be hidden by default, so the people using it would have to specifically set it to non-spoilerous. themselves when tagging if they want them to always show. That should solve that issue, Yorhel willing.

As I see it we are basically looking for the tag variant of Sex with Others, except without the "don't use this trait for group sex scenes that the protagonist is also a part of" part.

For rape specifically we could have a "Rape by Others" trait. This means that there are characters who are raped by someone other than the protagonist. The caveat here is that this would cover all manner of side characters as well, not just heroines. So we could make a child tag for it with "Heroine Raped by Others" to narrow it down. That still leaves off-route rape (you don't help a heroine because you are doing another ones's route -> she gets raped -> tag applies even if no heroine gets raped by other in their own route).Last modified on 2018-09-28 at 19:38
#56 by rampaa
2018-09-28 at 19:30
I am fine with the suggested Rape by Others (Parent tag)->Heroine Raped by Others (Child tag) structure. And I think it should apply to non-route rape(s) anyway, so I see no problem in that department either. I think "Non-Protagonist(s)" is clearer than "Other(s)" but if the letter is deemed better for its shortness so be it, I am totally okay with that too.

As for the more generalized tags, I've made a suggestion for it at #35.Last modified on 2018-09-28 at 19:33
#57 by warfoki
2018-09-28 at 19:34
We have precedents for "Others" working well instead of "non-protagonist", see Narrating Others' Thoughts, Impregnation by Others or Defloration by Others.

Yeah, that tag structure would work.
#58 by rampaa
2018-10-07 at 22:19
So, can those tags be added pretty please?
#59 by redspy
2018-12-28 at 22:00
Deleted (I forgot to check if it was added already)Last modified on 2018-12-28 at 22:04


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