asmr tag?

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#1 by alexcrian9029
2017-11-13 at 05:48
maybe this VN should have an asmr tag ?
first time I play anything like this
#2 by kiru
2017-11-13 at 10:54
Tags don't exactly make sense, if there's only one game for it. Once there are a good amount more, we can start thinking about it. We kinda have too many tags already.Last modified on 2017-11-13 at 10:55
#3 by origin
2017-11-13 at 14:02
It took me three years to forget about asmr. It was necessary to remind!...
#4 by dk382
2017-11-14 at 19:08
Now I'm curious. Is this game voiced entirely using ASMR techniques or something?

edit: Okay, I watched some videos, and while there's still plenty of normal dialogue, yeah... if we had an asmr tag, this game would definitely get it, lol.

Also, just from skimming through the videos, it sounds like the heroines refer to the protagonist as "sensei." Are the description and character traits correct? Or is that something else I was noticing?Last modified on 2017-11-14 at 19:20
#5 by theworld
2017-11-20 at 03:44
Yea MC is a teacher.
On topic, I feel like binaural audio would be a better tag, considering the entire audio is recorded that way.
But yea there's not much of a point for a tag that only includes one game.
#6 by seniorblitz
2017-11-20 at 08:13
The fandisc of Dmmd (DRAMAtical Murder) have a part with binaural audio (but it's used for a more creep kind of effect instead of a relaxing sound.)
#7 by traumatizer
2017-11-20 at 08:15
All three main Corpse Party games use the binaural tag. I'm kind of sure that 2U also uses it, but I gotta check it out better.


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