It's too bad that there isn't a Hanako route

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#1 by dinosw
2017-11-13 at 15:47
I would actually really have liked it, if there was a Hanako route.
It would fit in perfectly if Yuri's route split into two endings, one for Yuri and one for Hanako.
#2 by lemoncakes
2017-11-18 at 02:50
Hopefully there will be a fandisc or something in the future with with more routes. I really want an Aoi or Nao route
#3 by dinosw
2017-11-27 at 14:34
I really don't think we will ever get an Aoi route. She was against Yuma and Konami's relationship, so I think that having an incest route with her, is out of the question.
A Nao route might be pretty good, or perhaps a Miyu route :)
I would love it, if there really would be a fandisc in the future. However, it should not be limited to more routes. Many VNs (such as "Princess Evangile") has had fandisc with both additional routes, and after-stories for the heroines of the main game.

I quite like this VN, however, I still haven't finished it yet. I am playing Mio''s route, and have been over a fairly long period of time, as I am not much of a fan of hers. The other routes were all pretty good.
#4 by cnkx
2017-11-27 at 16:18
@3 don't forget Aoi is not blood related. Konami is.
#5 by ivo
2017-12-29 at 20:07
Yeah too bad there is not a Hanako routte. Also Miyu routte would be cool . As @lemoncakes said , we can hope there will be a fan disc
#6 by dk382
2017-12-29 at 20:17
Palette doesn't do fandiscs, so you'll be waiting a long time for these bonus routes.
#7 by kominarachromer
2017-12-29 at 20:40
#6 Ah. I guess Sakuranbo Strasse just doesn't exist then.


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