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#1 by dinosw
2017-11-13 at 20:25
Hi guys

I have a made a Notion page for the game (mostly for my own use), but I thought that I would also share it with you guys.

You can simply select the subpage "Walkthrough" to access the... well... walkthrough ;-)

In contrast to other walkthroughs, I have chosen to seperate the common route from Ann's route.

You can also see screenshots from the game on subpages for each of the routes (Except for Mio's route, as I have not played hers yet, but I will add screenshots later on).

Here is the link for my Notion page: linkLast modified on 2017-11-13 at 20:26
#2 by exaccuss
2017-11-14 at 14:36
I'm not sure what the rules are for external websites are, but i'm not sure if you can link websites that link to piracy websites.
#3 by warfoki
2017-11-14 at 16:05
You cannot link to piracy sites (unless the devs/publishers put the game up there themselves as the only "release" or they use it as their homepage, so mostly free, indie stuff), but you can link to sites that themselves are not piracy sites, but link to... less legal resources.


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