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#1 by danteas
2017-11-23 at 01:02
what happens in the extra scenarios that were not added in the english version
#2 by bunny1ov3r
2017-11-23 at 22:08
Sorry for being a grammar nazi, but the past participle of "cut" is still "cut". The word cutted is not correct in any context. Hope that helps.
#3 by surferdude
2017-11-24 at 14:26
Sieg Heil!
#4 by danteas
2017-11-24 at 16:58
sorry for that english it's not my main language
#5 by bunny1ov3r
2017-11-24 at 17:46
Please don't be sorry. I am just pointing it out so we can all write better English in the future. Sorry for being a bother :DLast modified on 2017-11-24 at 17:47
#6 by infernoplex
2017-11-24 at 18:10
I don't know whether to laugh or cry here considering how everybody ignored the OP's original question xDD
#7 by danteas
2017-11-24 at 20:12
i asked mostly because in those scenes there are some miyu cg's that bring hope to my crushed heart, after playing her route
#8 by infernoplex
2017-11-24 at 21:26
I'd like to know as well what was added in those additional scripts. So far, I haven't seen anybody mention what was added.
#9 by sidvanhalen
2018-06-26 at 16:32
Well, not that much was added to be honest. Here is what I recall (not able to read japanese, just went through the scenes):

1. Kaho: Ryo and she go on a date. It starts to rain. Some text and sex

2. Kyoko: Don't recall much. It's pretty much date and sex

3. Kaori: Kaori and Ryo go shopping, there is some nostalgia over a cup. Sex

4. Yuka (my second favorite): Some shopping and general chit chat. Ryo buys her a teddy bear (I think for 50$). Sex

5. Ayame: Ryo gets a job and gets hurt. Ayame blames herself. I think there are two routes and they have sex at the end

6. Miyu (my first favorite): Miyu gets well to perform at a concert. Amazing red dress. They get together. Sex. Last modified on 2018-06-26 at 16:34
#10 by naterocks2000
2018-11-18 at 01:18
#9 Why did they leave that Miyu scene out? Did they want to crush our hearts that badly?
#11 by infernoplex
2018-11-18 at 08:38
#9 - In conclusion, sex.
#12 by danteas
2019-05-23 at 17:35
#13 by ramaladni
2019-05-23 at 22:45
You already got your answers though...
#14 by ffthewinner
2019-05-24 at 10:56
intriguing. any one has a clue why those scenes were cut?
#15 by kiru
2019-05-24 at 11:05
Based on the releases, the JP original simply didn't have them. As in, nothing got cut. The re-release had them, but given the release date it had, I guess all they could do is take its full voice into the English release. Probably too much work on the original was already done.
#16 by sidvanhalen
2019-07-30 at 14:01
Oh about that. I was interested to know about the reason too. What looks like g-collections had already completed the localization by the time the full voice version with the extra scenarios came out. They could add the voice but not the scenarios and sadly this has not been updated since. Someone told me not that much was added, but for a game that leaves a feeling of more after you have played it, every little bit extra is welcome.


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