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#1 by conduit
2017-12-01 at 12:52
Game has a few animated sex CGs, apparently. Since there is no tag for such I thought I would note that here for the wary. Though I'm sure that was also made a note of with this game's advertisements.Last modified on 2017-12-01 at 12:54
#2 by wakaranai
2017-12-01 at 13:44
this info is stored not in the tags but in release format link
#3 by conduit
2017-12-01 at 14:11
Wait, what's the difference between 'simple animations' and 'some fully animated scenes' cause (as far as I can think) 'fully' can essentially mean 'some parts move.' Is it, like, the difference between some very simple tweening (like in Nukiani!!) and some more complex tweening like Biman or Rondo Duo? A description of such would help!Last modified on 2017-12-01 at 14:19
#4 by wakaranai
2017-12-01 at 14:56
d3#3, if it's not enough for you, further discussion is on t6477, here it's an off topic.


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