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t950.11082021-12-04VNDB Suggestions!When I search photonmelodies and photonflowers now I get different results than before. Can we have separate vndb pages for them again like before in
t17419.122021-12-04Title Correctionson that note I wish we had photonflowers / photonmelodies pages back again, this feels like a pain to track all of the side stories, rate them
t950.10802021-11-20VNDB Suggestions!Whenever you click on a voice actor it'd be nice to have additional column after the one with the name of the character they voice. That additional
t576.12010-04-20Record of Agarest War / Agarest Senki ZeroIf we have Ar Tonelico, shouldn't we have these games in VNDB as well? link From what I remember its VN-mode is also longer than in, at least, Ar