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c4644.62021-04-24 at 02:50dungzoTakashi KawaharaFixed Name and added age to the description. His official name on the English licensed version is Takeshi but CKG has made quite a few errors like
v30672.32021-03-31 at 05:17dungzoSaimin Tanetsuke Jugyoutitle
c96388.12021-03-23 at 05:08dungzoSayaVA is 梅宮ここ / Umemiya Koko
c96387.12021-03-23 at 04:57dungzoShihoVA is くどう彩織
c96386.32021-03-23 at 04:54dungzoShinobuChanged eye color. Upon looking closer at the cover in high resolution, its definitely red.
c96386.22021-03-23 at 04:51dungzoShinobuchange tit size
c96386.12021-03-23 at 04:45dungzoShinobuVA is 渋谷 ひめ / Shibuya Hime
r77778.32021-03-05 at 04:24dungzoHaramase! Hitozuma Netori Harem Seikatsu - Package Editionupdated
r77777.32021-03-05 at 04:22dungzoHaramase! Hitozuma Netori Harem Seikatsu - Download Editionupdated.
c47258.52021-03-04 at 02:45dungzoLinaFixed Typo. I've read the original character description and the change fits in perfectly.