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v27492.132020-09-14 at 14:54dungzoShihai no Kyoudan 2Added Chisa Haneda's Seiyuu.
s21929.12020-09-13 at 15:32dungzoしろいもずくAdded new Staff entry, included name, gender, language and official website. I think she's a relatively new Seiyuu so I couldn't find alot of
c49242.142020-07-05 at 03:08dungzoWarota AkaneBirthday was wrong. I looked on the official Japanese character description for my source.
c89342.72020-04-17 at 16:59dungzoKawamura YoshinoFixed a Typo
c84113.62019-11-16 at 06:36dungzoSuzutani Hayatepic
s19149.22019-09-29 at 09:53dungzoUmino ShioShe Voiced the character, Nagisa Watase / 渡瀬 凪沙 in Bishop's Kazoku ~Haha to Shimai no Kyousei~ / 家属~母と姉妹の嬌声~. I'm not sure how to add in works right
s19149.12019-09-29 at 09:43dungzoUmino ShioAdded new VA. I couldn't find much information about her
v23190.152019-08-09 at 18:06dungzoGrisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 5Fixed some typos in the the synopsis. I also changed the formatting to better match the original english website's synopsis.
v20194.332019-08-09 at 17:38dungzoGrisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 1I compared the synopsis from the original english website and there was a duplicate sentence in the synopsis. I also fixed the format a little to
c82493.42019-08-04 at 04:17dungzoHanashiro Yuubloodtype