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c69330.42018-04-24 at 17:41kurivoltKiriyama SakieForgot Ryouta wasn't her actual son
c69330.32018-04-24 at 17:40kurivoltKiriyama SakieForgot she wasn't blood related to Ryouta
c69331.32018-04-11 at 14:51kurivoltKousaka Mahirogets netorared by his friend
c69332.22018-04-11 at 14:51kurivoltKiriyama Ryoutalater netorares mahiro in front of him
c69330.22018-04-11 at 14:46kurivoltKiriyama Sakiecharacter gets raped by her son and becomes completely submissive. later gets played with in front of mahiro which counts makes him subject of
c55421.42017-02-26 at 17:59kurivoltMikage JunForgot to change the spoiler tag for "Son"
c55421.32017-02-26 at 17:58kurivoltMikage JunHe gets Akemi, who is his blood-related mother, pregnant.
c54398.62017-02-26 at 17:55kurivoltOrihara AkemiShe's proven to be MC's real mother during her 2nd and 3rd ending.
c53315.22016-10-08 at 10:55kurivoltFujimuro YusaCharacter info updated
c22937.62016-09-19 at 08:52kurivoltKusakabe SetsukoOnly part of 1 game.
c34568.52015-09-10 at 20:21kurivoltIchinose Natsumirefined further
c34568.42015-09-10 at 20:20kurivoltIchinose NatsumiInbreeding only found in 'true end'
c33108.22015-08-13 at 18:01kurivoltShimada ToumaBlackmails Utage
c23416.32015-08-13 at 18:00kurivoltTsukuyomi UtageBlackmailed by Shimada.
c34568.32015-07-19 at 18:44kurivoltIchinose NatsumiUpdated traits
c34568.22015-07-19 at 18:33kurivoltIchinose NatsumiAdded noticable traits from CG.