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w4751.102023-02-24Café Stella to Shinigami no ChouNo worries :)
w4751.82023-02-22Café Stella to Shinigami no ChouApperantly the Yuzucurse is that every 2nd of their games sucks. I can't really say that I can follow that argument, but I can understand how the
w6023.22023-02-19MaitetsuYeah... but that is how good the story is. Well at least for me. I don't have autism and actually 0 Interest in Trains. I think this VN made the
t950.14762023-01-06VNDB Suggestions!I personally feel like implementing a field that relflects the status of a Producer would make sense. I.e. We know that Solpress is defunct and Lose
w4751.62022-09-12Café Stella to Shinigami no ChouI actually must admit that I have no idea what that means. If I had to guess I'd say the weird circumstances that the MC of a Yuzusoft game
t950.13542022-08-26VNDB Suggestions!I feel like if I wrote a review I should still be able to give points to a Review from someone else, I am okay with not giving myself a point... but
w2460.42022-08-26Senren * BankaI 100% agree with you. It was refreshing, I kept Yoshinos route off thinking it would be the true Route. And since I too am not into Massive Breasts
w4751.42022-07-26Café Stella to Shinigami no ChouYuzusoft as the encrypted12345 has explained make a very specific type of Moege. You could say it's almost a bit cookie cutter style. So my issue is
w2888.32021-10-02STEINS;GATE#1 #2 Yeah that's why I said you grow to love them. You#ll still get thrown into their personality without warning or explanation, the growth and
w2376.22021-09-08Onigokko!Yeah I agree with you. The FD Bait is ridiculous especially since the FD is not avaiable in English as for now. And yeah the setup as Phantom Thief
w2778.22021-09-05Onigokko!True, Thought I'd spoiler more, gonna take the tag of.
t16319.42021-06-25Insufferable Protagonists...Pretty much the same with 5PB protags. Everyone is a douchebag and yeah they redeem themself somewhat throug the story. Like at the start I kinda
t15512.172021-05-10This should be set to "Long" LengthAs someone who just rushed through, (skipped H-Scenes, skipped parts of the drawn out "final confrontation") it, I spent 34 hours on it. I feel like