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t6972.662015-10-06VNDB is 8 Years OldDamn, i always missing this..... "\(>.<)/" Happy LATE Birthday, VNDB~!!!! (^o^)/"
t4628.512013-10-03Happy Birthday to Me!Since i am the LAST, again ==" anyway, happy birthday, VNDB "\(^0^)/"
t4007.392013-04-28Best VN<->Anime adaptations?I like Clannad and Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse. Yosuga no Sora and H2O is also okay~ (^_^) Oh yeah, School Days is also GREAT~! LoL
t3262.832012-10-08We're getting oldHappy birthday vndb~!
t2934.202012-07-19It's All About The HardwareMayan Apocalypse is faster than predicted.... 2012 = New VNDB Server = New Era Yeah~ (^0^)/"
t2765.232012-06-02What do you look for?Tentacle Rape~? I love it~ (^0^) Futanari s also nice. But Yaoi is the real disgust (==")
t2554.622012-04-26What got you started with/into Visual NovelsNo, it's not impossible. some VN have a "cheatable" system, though. That's just depend on how you outsmart it. Hehe~
t981.52012-02-17The anime seems better to me...As far as I know, there are 21 endings for this game. 15 good endings, 3 bad endings, 2 harem endings and 1 ending when Setsuna is pregnant. Of
t2316.272012-01-02VNDB 2.22 and a Happy New Year!Wow, quess I am, a bit "late" :p He4x~ Happy New Year! Selamat Tahun Baru! Happy New Year! ハッピーニューイヤー!
t2137.22011-10-21Chaos; Head not saving, Help Appreciated!How about copying the save file after you save to flashdisk or othe media? Or maybe you don't install it rightly? Some part of the game maybe missing
t801.242011-10-21Ok... I ragedI think there is a problem with the creator's head.... The story they make is so full of nonsense.
t2092.322011-10-05Growing out of toddlerhoodお誕生日おめでとうございます! (O tanjō-bi omedetō gozaimasu!) जन्मदिन मुबारक ! (Janmadina mubāraka !) Selamat Ulang Tahun, vndb! Happy Birthday~! \(^0^)/
t2017.12011-08-25Memories vs MelodiesAs you know,the anime version of this VN is divided by two: # 1 Ef: A Tale of Memories. # 2 Ef: A Tale of Melodies. Between those 2, which one do you
t636.372011-08-25Is the anime... better? (spoilers for game/anime)@onemanarmy: Sughoiiii~! "\(^0^)/" I totally agree with you~! Nice comment! (^0~)b
t364.202011-07-21Aw, this looks cute.@emma123: It's not flatchest twintail heroines who are tsundere, but its BLONDE TWINTAIL HEROINES~!!!! Not all, though, but most of them~! (>0<)b
t1948.222011-07-21porn porn porn porn pornO.o! I must find this masterpiece ASAP!
t940.1382011-07-13Where are you all from ?@warfoki: Yeah.... I know~ Lol! Hmmm..... (==)a There are so many females in vndb now~ (=w=) In Indonesia, I have only 2 of my friends who are female
t1384.202011-07-08Favorite Route?Tomoyo is my favorite route~ :3 Altough no one in Clannad is my favorite heroine(s). Hehehehe~!
t1926.32011-07-08how can i search for ..."then sacrifice a black hen during a full moon, turn around three time counter-clockwise, then scream "KLATU VERATA NIKTU" from the top of your lung
t1406.132011-06-30Heeeelp!Oh.... When you say "dungeon", I think it's a dungeon like in this VN: v304, v1186 or v1807.... Hehehehe~!
t184.122011-06-24ONE - Discussion@gabe: I love Akane Satomura more than anyone in this VN! I really don't know why there are someone who dislikes her route..... I just give 7/10 to
t1406.112011-06-24Heeeelp!That's why I ask what game are he playing at.... ==' Duh.... Since when my account becomes a help service center???? ==a Altough I will gladly help
t1406.92011-06-20Heeeelp!==? What game are you playing? Tell me the title of the Game.
t1028.72011-06-10Cool down a bit@ashi: I can't connect to the link that you post (CloudCuckooLander). What's it contains? @hikigane:"It would take much less for both of them get
t1383.122011-06-09Which is your favorite Nitro+ title?"We all know by best he means the game with the hottest ero scenes which is hands down kikokugai."I think an excellent story can defeat even the
t1438.42011-06-09An idea for a great VN???Don't worry, I do the same mistake at first too. But, at least, I know that user section is exist. I just forgot to put my thread in the right board
t1424.172011-06-09I am new here help me?"... Why do you have to redefine the boundaries of obliviousness every single time you post? -.-'"What do you mean ==? I don't do this in "every
t1424.122011-06-07I am new here help me?Hidden???? ==? Man, I can see it clearly.... Oh yeah, read this too: d9
t1442.542011-06-07Do your parents/Guardians knowMy parents know that I like to play VN. But they don't know about the "eroge" part. They just think I am a childish since I always playing that game
t975.72011-06-03Please Read ThisOh yeah, about my promise. Go to this link, especially this link
t972.762011-06-03Best of H-scenes"For consensual sex go for Ef- a fairy tale of two.-great scenes" Agree. I love Yuko Amamiya the most. Well, I can say that she is the only heroine
t1427.32011-06-03This game really needs the remake.Have you ever read this link ?
t731.162011-05-31This VN is pretty goodHmmm~ But, I think the anime version of this game is better. For some reason, Sora in Anime is more "fit" to her character than Sora in the VN. Try
t1429.32011-05-31Rape your favorite VNs?Why don't you lock it? ==? Before someone mini-necro this thread~ Btw, nice link, soketsu! Hehehehe! Thanks! I may won't use that tools, but I know
t1406.42011-05-31Heeeelp!Just because I can make a game using RPG Maker VX doesn't mean I have the code for all games.... I never use text hookers and machine translations
t1408.182011-05-24I cant install it..."Unless you are deliberately installing a processor-overclocking virus, but who in their right mind would do that...?"Oh, In Indonesia, my country
t1408.132011-05-23I cant install it...@pendelhaven & loss: Plok!!!! [facepalm] @appztetra: ""Have you ever found a Japanese game with english installer??"Nope. I just click on where I
t1406.22011-05-23Heeeelp!Who said that I am an IT Major, huh? ==' I don't have the code for オタカノ -こんなに可愛い彼女がオタクなわけがない-. Sorry, I can't help. d6
t189.102011-05-20Horrific LocalizationI play it with NDS Emulator on my laptop. In 3 hours, I get bored. Now, I stalled it~ Maybe I will just drop it, then~
t1361.942011-05-10Why is it so hard to introduce people to VNs?"P.S. Abnormal means "above normal" i.e. superior."I absolutely agree with you! Normal peoples is sucks!
t1360.12011-04-28The Best (Cutest?) Trap HeroineAfter playing v1747, now I think that trap heroines can be (very) cute.... Altough they give me a (very) big shock.... ==' Okay, I will just go to
t1351.42011-04-26TitleWell.... You want to print it in Hiragana/Katakana or in English? The meaning of those words in English.... I don't want anyone to looked at me when
t937.1512011-04-18The Offtopic Wars SagaWhat the hell did you say!? ==' I.... I don't know what to say anymore.... It's true that I am the Great Vanguard of Eroticism, but I am not a
t937.1322011-04-12The Offtopic Wars Saga"P.S.: You know, I actually think that blushing emoticon is a little cute... O_o..."Not a little.... She IS REALLY Cute! Hehehehe!
t937.1282011-04-11The Offtopic Wars SagaYeah~! Another excellent story made by you. Great Job! But.... by the way.... Where's our part? It's not that we are impatient. We (I and Kiseki
t227.492011-04-08The way of rating..."This may sound like forcing my values to others but it is wrong to rate the entire VN when we only had a glimpse in a part of it. In cases like that
t1324.362011-04-07Clean Visual Novels?.."Don't worry, not everyone turns into a pervert after reading some VNs..."No one becomes pervert because of VN. It's them who already becomes pervert
t1292.472011-04-05VNDB 2.19: Building Character"I am just curious.... How can we know the 3 sizes of female characters?"You know, some people in this world has a very excellent level of
t1292.302011-04-01VNDB 2.19: Building CharacterFinally, VN Character database is implemented.... Good Job, Yorhel~! Hehehehe! Btw, someone! Please add Yuko Amamiya (v88) & Hayami Kohinata (v473
t937.1142011-03-28The Offtopic Wars Saga....How do I said this.... ==' "Warning: This one may wear you down a bit. :P"Yeah, It does....