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v18131.172016-03-18 at 07:58aftermathofrainMaitetsuGame's trial reveals that レイルロオド is meant to be "railroad" in English.  link
v12392.442016-02-15 at 10:05aftermathofrainMonobeno -Happy End-I don't understand why would you put the spoiler back. "cure her completely" sounds good enough and doesn't include a spoiler.
v18131.142016-02-15 at 10:02aftermathofrainMaitetsuWrote a basic summary of the common route.
v12392.422016-02-15 at 09:29aftermathofrainMonobeno -Happy End-The fact that Natsuha source of Natsuha's problems is a disease (IAGS) is a spoiler.
v18498.92016-02-15 at 09:22aftermathofrainISLANDFixed the name of the island. Honestly the whole description should be fixed, the game's official site contains info contrary to this description