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t17128.22021-10-10How to change the language to JapaneseSome time ago someone on エロゲスレ made a patch that translated the English version back to Japanese. Look for it on Warosu.
t9765.22021-07-29Trial EditionUploaded in this thread. link
t15270.102021-01-13General DiscussionLearn Japanese.
t15256.52021-01-04About the High Resoluton and English PatchAbsolutely not, considering the HR release switched engines from Sprite's own to BGI. Just saying, if someone's wondering.
t15278.102021-01-04Less H-ScenesI dug out my password to this account, so I can come here and warn you all. There is a terrible specter haunting the English eroge community. It's
t13354.32019-12-30Is Aoi has a route?Only in the fandisc.
t12562.92019-12-26The English translation is badThis was clearly meant as a "serious translation". And he was gladly taking money for it on Patreon, while presenting himself as someone who finally
t6588.52019-12-14Walkthrough ?Necro? Anyway, that site has walkthroughs for most eroge. Years ago I used it to complete Eustia with no problems. Just learn Japanese and you'll
t13283.22019-12-14voice filesYes, on the official site.
t13255.22019-12-06Fandisc or blue ray?You mean this? And the three other, one per a Blu-Ray volume? link >原作シナリオのごぉ書き下ろしISLANDアフターストーリーノベル「ISLAND Re: 1巻」(約96ページ) Since the page count is
t13242.32019-12-03Mmmmmm... I think this have a digital versionI think this has a digital version* I have just found it on the original website* Anyway, add it.
t12616.22019-07-16TranslationsBrother, I believe your post breaks the rule implied in FAQ point 8. link Also learn Japanese. That's the best way to enjoy any and all eroge.
t12587.22019-07-11Question about the after storiesBrother, Sumi after is the best route in the entire game.
t12562.52019-07-10The English translation is badHis rewrites are based on machine translations. This example clearly shows it. Edit: And also note
t12534.72019-07-07Fan TranslationPerhaps hold your horses with the celebrations. The guy's translations were confirmed to be bad rewrites and full of omissions. See details in the
t12562.12019-07-07The English translation is badSorry to rain on everyone's parade, but all the English translations made by this one dude on Patreon are bad. You can see it being discussed on /vr
t7991.202016-07-04Sekai Project translation confirmedI just wanna chime in by saying Komeiji is a machine-translating f*・*g.
t7564.162016-03-21Trial Edition!Akihabara certainly was a total Maitetsu 聖地 for a long time and still is now, even with the biggest ads on Sofmap stores removed. As for the trial
t7438.72016-02-09Doesnt work with ITH?>JAST official release How does that seem like a possible option? You're just like, oh well, I want to play this, but I don't mind waiting two
t7438.42016-02-08Doesnt work with ITH?Seems like learning Japanese is the only way to enjoy Shimokura's delightful text.
t6808.122015-08-12Possible Translation?I have to express my doubts about that, since the fandisc doesn't have any version with updated CGs or voice acting like the base game. And we can
t6808.92015-08-11Possible Translation?Frankly put, unless you're okay with reading only few top quality VNs per year, maybe none, you shouldn't rely on any Englsh releases. As for