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c61893.72017-07-14 at 19:17sakurakoiKatlitmore traits+Those Chakram (lacks own trait) are dual-wielded: CG Page 4, row 3, column 2 and are usually dual wielded anyway (also, shouldn't forget...
c55451.122017-07-14 at 18:53sakurakoiKisnil Kaguritraits, at the beginning totally not shy to expose her body/breasts to males for since she literary gave up on being a woman and becoming a knight...
c61893.52017-07-14 at 18:43sakurakoiKatlittraits, constantly called "hime" by the other dragons and the position of head of the dragons is (usually) hereditary
c55450.142017-06-25 at 18:19sakurakoiFia+3, her clothes... or lack thereof seriously need an own trait or at least something like "side boobs" (no "under boobs", huh?) and "visible...
c31442.22017-05-08 at 13:31sakurakoiGarnet Toikurosutraits+desc, after two playthroughs