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r62836.12019-03-23 at 11:49sakurakoiFiendish Magical Girl Rinne ~Loathsome Lewd Degeneration~Created
c8767.92018-10-16 at 08:49sakurakoiNakano AzusaNot the protagonist of that doujin
v23249.62018-09-03 at 06:37sakurakoiKoboreochiru Shoujo-tachi ~Papakatsu JC Kairaku Ochi no Kiroku~length+desc
r55492.32018-05-26 at 12:28sakurakoiFutanari Kanojo Kyousei Seikatsu ~Atashi no Milk, Anata ni Shiboritotte Hoshii!~released
c64341.32018-04-23 at 22:11sakurakoiHashima NayutaFix: Weight changed to height
c64340.42018-04-23 at 22:10sakurakoiMizunami EnaFix: Weight changed to height
c2.192018-04-09 at 16:36sakurakoiWatarase Junvndb's "Gender" always notes biological sex, i.e which sexual features are present (for an extended amount of time), not perceived gender for
c34398.42018-02-09 at 13:47sakurakoiAsaba Hibikitraits
c30218.22017-11-08 at 12:42sakurakoiLiadrained to death and disappeared into Celica's body
c30219.22017-11-08 at 12:41sakurakoiLottodrained to death and disappeared into Celica's body
c30216.22017-11-08 at 12:40sakurakoiMakuaenadrained to death and disappeared into Celica's body
c30217.22017-11-08 at 12:40sakurakoiTeshirndrained to death and disappeared into Celica's body
c13949.102017-11-08 at 12:38sakurakoiCelica Sylphiltraits
c14320.102017-11-08 at 12:36sakurakoiSatia Seyruundesc+traits fix, Satia tells Celica early that she has an older and younger sister, however not her purpose. Old/New Gods is the terminology in
c30191.32017-11-08 at 12:22sakurakoiShamara Krupptraits+desc
c30202.32017-11-05 at 20:49sakurakoiLaunay Kminurtraits+fate
c30203.32017-11-05 at 20:42sakurakoiKaminu Settetraits+while kept uncertain first and never minding that she would have also been killed if she was on the sinking ship, alive, Celica later mentions
c61893.72017-07-14 at 19:17sakurakoiKatlitmore traits+Those Chakram (lacks own trait) are dual-wielded: CG Page 4, row 3, column 2 and are usually dual wielded anyway (also, shouldn't forget
c55451.122017-07-14 at 18:53sakurakoiKisnil Kaguritraits, at the beginning totally not shy to expose her body/breasts to males for since she literary gave up on being a woman and becoming a knight
c61893.52017-07-14 at 18:43sakurakoiKatlittraits, constantly called "hime" by the other dragons and the position of head of the dragons is (usually) hereditary
c55450.142017-06-25 at 18:19sakurakoiFia+3, her clothes... or lack thereof seriously need an own trait or at least something like "side boobs" (no "under boobs", huh?) and "visible buttocks
c31442.22017-05-08 at 13:31sakurakoiGarnet Toikurosutraits+desc, after two playthroughs
c31445.22017-05-08 at 13:12sakurakoiKikyoutraits+desc after 2 playthroughs
c42788.32017-05-08 at 12:56sakurakoiGerharttraits +4
c31449.22017-05-08 at 12:54sakurakoiAiontraits+desc after two playthroughs
c42788.22017-05-07 at 22:31sakurakoiGerharttraits+desc, need Papicide as trait~
c42789.22017-05-07 at 22:21sakurakoiAgilis Flannel Rodoriatraits and desc after playthrough of law and chaos More like a villain than a simple antagonist, I am quite tempted to add "insanity" as trait given
c31450.22017-05-07 at 22:02sakurakoiAnnarosetraits+desc after chaos+law playthrough. Totally a side character considering that she appears no more than the hell king nor is she sexually
c31451.22017-05-07 at 21:41sakurakoiShanan Flannel Rodoriatraits+desc after law+chaos playthrough
c31447.32017-05-07 at 17:30sakurakoiFlorensia Triacetatetraits+desc after law+chaos playthrough not really demon blooded according to the lore where dragons and demons are seen as distinct races, though
c31446.42017-05-07 at 17:01sakurakoiSerena Opekottofixed desc, again, sorry but the tags are a PITA without preview
c31446.32017-05-07 at 17:00sakurakoiSerena Opekottofixed desc
c31446.22017-05-07 at 16:59sakurakoiSerena Opekottotraits+desc after law+chaos playthrough concern regarding sex with others (merely Primates is having sex without the protags knowledge): protag is
c31444.32017-05-07 at 16:07sakurakoiLilliciatraits+desc after law+chaos playthrough also the name is definitely pronounced with a "c" (like you'd pronounce merely "Cia", alternatively a "shi
c31441.32017-05-07 at 15:17sakurakoiLucina Velvet Gurizanitraits+desc based on law+chaos playthrough Central heroine because of her prominence throughout and in all branches (unlike any other heroine who
c53204.52017-03-27 at 08:40sakurakoiAkagi Kokorofixed description, she is not the childhood friend of the boss of the protagonist
c53199.62017-03-27 at 08:38sakurakoiArisuno Ruijitwo traits, description/translation and Alice calls him "パパ". I can't bear to read further so I can not really confirm if he is really also an Otaku
c24137.42017-03-22 at 13:22sakurakoiShiuNot in all endings she is killed (just two of several) and there is even a good ending.
c24136.42017-03-22 at 13:21sakurakoiKamira RindegoaNot in all endings she is killed (just one of several) and there is even a good ending.
r46105.32016-06-10 at 06:36sakurakoiRondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ffOriginal Page (and most likely author) is gone due to an attack on the Hongfire Servers and Backup process.