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t12075.22019-03-21So where do I implore for a newA fighting game? How childish... I want a puzzle game!
t12052.102019-03-20Do you think visual novels are innovative?It depends how much you play. You'll notice patterns really quickly. Especially when it comes to drama because every drama is about amassing as many
t12066.22019-03-18netorare?It sure looks like a Netori Series, considering the tags/traits, their volume of and lack of crucial tags/traits. Meanwhile 寝取る (in this series
t12062.72019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsWelp, might as well~ 1. Kamidori Alchemy Meister Best Eushully game and story, not that it would mean that much considering other works (that often
t12028.162019-03-15Steam Release?Why would #1 ask for this to be available in steam when you can just grab it in MG?Alternatively, to regional pricing (that may indeed make works
t11979.492019-03-15Minori is no morepolitical momentumThis reminds me of a certain concept, that this along with phrases like "being at its highest" are actually quite negative
t10999.132019-03-15Not a VNWell, if one wants to be pedantic, then the word requirement should be 7500 words or over, since anything under is classified as a short story~ But
t12049.32019-03-14Pretty sure it is a VNas rpg maker stuff usually has no VN style storytelling which disqualifies them.You mean narration? Since, after all, (flat) sprites are more common
t12044.142019-03-13the longest visual novelWe don't count DLCNo... you don't, there is no industrial standard from any respectable source~ OP did not say anything about DLC, re-releases &c
t12044.92019-03-13the longest visual novelIf OP really wants pure VNs, then the above list is indeed a fair one, although I am fairly certain that VenusBlood is also a game. But if OP
t12044.42019-03-13the longest visual novelIf you consider Custom Maid 3D 2 a VN, which one should due to the sheer amount of unique lines, narration and heavy read-to-gameplay ratio, then it
t10999.102019-03-08Not a VNThe art for this is really good. Those H-scenes look great. Too bad the "VN" as a whole is dog shit.Welcome to Sayori's brand which very similar to
t12017.272019-03-08Dies Irae offends Christianityit also is a branch that has a lot of people who only casually follow it. This reminds me of my personal "indoctrination" and I was indeed an acolyte
t12018.32019-03-07Quality CGDid you ever got hit by a noodle at terminal velocity? If yes, it must have not been al dente.
t12001.232019-03-05Are the heroines virgins or not? (spoilers?)I wouldn't like to come back and see that this thread has become another dumpster fire.b-but don't you want to see the world on fire? Seriously
t11979.312019-03-03Minori is no moreSo the company changed the direction to survive and adapt to the market.and they simply and utterly failed in that. While one should of course not
t11989.22019-03-02MC is such a fucking wimpby the by, this makes me remember a certain "myth"... which makes me ask here what a male can do IRL if he gets sexually harassed by a female? (and
t11979.182019-03-01Minori is no moretheir games were set in school settings, hence not popular among buyers of digital releases, and they were old, which means most of their hardcore
t11979.162019-03-01Minori is no moreThe average life span of an vn company these days seems to be less than a decade.The average lifespan has always been much less than that, never even
t11736.102019-03-01Mahiru's ageMeanwhile I am actually surprised that they would tell that is a high school+middle school/the age of a character rather than having a college that
t11951.32019-02-21Trait QuestionI tried "shota hero"Pretty sure there is a, yeah, Shota Protagonist You should really just look at Protagonist Traits and find suitable tags while
t11645.1262019-02-19Once again, Arunaru ruins another;dr: I am not mistaken.Nah, you are and even are obnoxious in utterly missing and misinterpreting the point. People like you are not helping to
t11946.32019-02-18Is it possible to limit a trait?assuming tagging is right.Wrong assume you do. There is no tag for Protagonist's Elder Sister as Heroine nor Protagonist's Younger Sister as Heroine
t9426.112019-02-18Ehh.. So it's not canon?Not one single answer to my actual question.Now, there are two ways to interpret this, either... You actually meant to ask if this was canon. Which
t10852.642019-02-17Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.How could they be a mistake?Of course they can be. It sure is not like they cost "almost nothing" but all works that cross a certain threshold should
t950.5382019-02-15VNDB Suggestions!That still hasn't happened, and may never because people can't use it wellWell, rather than not being usable, it is simply not easy to discern for
t11907.352019-02-14TitleWhy was this changed to Sonuvawitch?Because eacil. If you did not know that name before, well... now you do. I'm liable to just revert Eacil's edit
t950.5352019-02-14VNDB Suggestions!Even if not standard/default, being able to sort tags alphabetically rather than by weight would help a lot in finding a tag or the lack of when one
t10852.512019-02-13Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.#50, it is literary their first tweet since it is pinned link unless with inadequate translation skills/tools one has misunderstood... along with how
t11907.172019-02-12Titlethe "sothewitch" contraction once again seems to indicate that "Son of a Witch" was always the intended effectshouldn't the link be soawitch then
t11907.142019-02-11TitleIs the concept of sub-titles really that complex? If the developer leaves out a part of the supposed title in their descriptions i.e not cover logo
t11906.62019-02-09Replacing the screenshotsYou mean to tell us that indicating the TL quality is no reason, huh? beliar as SakuraGame agent confirmed!
t11899.52019-02-08Playing every Visual Novel (without ctrl)and has a really fast reading speed where one could finish the entirety of any kind of VN in less than 4 hourswithout even considering that simply
t11892.92019-02-06Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-ScenesDo you really think that someone would prefer censored images, without being a troll? Who doesn't want to read ero, reads completely censored stuff
t11868.1112019-02-03Ruka's namesupported by the fact that the creators specifically told the translators not to use "Ruka" but "Luka"incidentally, that circumstance actually
t11868.882019-02-02Ruka's name@87, chill and eat some Lamen! also can't make sense of your first point, probably because it is nonsense anyway~ Why? Because Kanji and Hiragana
t11868.812019-02-01Ruka's name[Congratulations: You have been going in circles for so long and ignoring what others point out to the very point where you formed a perfectly round
t11864.92019-01-30More than seven love interests tagYeah, just merge tags with 492 and 141 entries for mayhaps 35* entries where both may be the case and make searching more convenient for a few while
t11847.702019-01-28VNs who text files are in game folder?^No, I humbly beseech thee, please eradicate this along with the two Kage...
t11847.382019-01-28VNs who text files are in game folder?not quite sure why mods still tolerate this thread filled to the brim with in(s)anity since the very first post...
t11837.92019-01-26Should I modify grotesque images?Ok, I accidentaly clicked on "modify" and now I can't get that message back. Even after re-download. How can I change the setting?Sounds like the
t11832.42019-01-20The ratings were good,'s moege fans. In other words, if people here say, it's actually good plot and so onI am fairly certain that moege fans do not rate plot, primarily
t11821.42019-01-17Pregnancy Fetist... What is a "Fetist"? Well, I at least know that more creators than not always make works of a certain genre or with a certain focus. I think it
t11819.32019-01-16suggestion for vn like thisIf this were tagged as Moege then this would explain why there is no tag like this since it'd be applied to any work which features romance with
t11742.282019-01-15Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriNot the best poll I see (disregarding sample size, nothing can be really done about that) and of course not only due to the fact that it lacks
t11778.22019-01-07Translation engThere is a non-zero chance for this to happen... but it is damn close to zero. Also d6#8 pretty much suggest that this maybe is a certainty.
t3617.15952019-01-05Tags suggestions/fixesA good ending is one where characters retain their personal freedom. A good ending is one where characters achieve their goals. A good ending
t11770.92019-01-05Major problem with VN communityMore importantly, my years of research has proven that those "healthy" instant meals, whether oven, microwave or hot water ones (like those which
t11742.252019-01-05Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriThe only way one can imagine females to enjoy NTR/Netori if they actually enjoy the latter (steal from someone), engage in the prior (find a better
t7224.212019-01-04When does grisaia get good?Something doesn't automatically become good just because they are things worst than it out there Actually it does and relative goodness is quite