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v22741.72018-07-25 at 09:53mcdrjulyNie no Machiadded length
v21269.92018-04-22 at 15:26mcdrjulyParadiselength edited
v13882.72018-04-22 at 15:25mcdrjulyKintoukalength added
v21269.82018-04-22 at 15:24mcdrjulyParadiselength added
v2333.62015-11-24 at 20:48mcdrjulyLive x Evil -Shakunetsu no Edema-length edit
v2506.92015-11-24 at 20:47mcdrjulyKannagi no Torilength edited
v3659.122015-11-24 at 20:47mcdrjulyKoibito Yuugilength edited
v10773.132015-11-24 at 20:45mcdrjulyPigeon Bloodlength edited
v3531.172015-11-24 at 20:43mcdrjulyBara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasakulength summary edited
v3448.62015-11-05 at 23:42mcdrjuly24-ji, Kimi no Heart wa Nusumareru ~Kaitou Jade~length changed
v1428.92015-11-05 at 19:47mcdrjulyKimi no Naka no Palladiumlength changed
v3377.52015-10-29 at 19:27mcdrjulyKuu no Mori ~Tsuioku no Sumu Yakata~length of the game added