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t11233.52019-08-17Your impressions of the gameMaybe you guys should read the tags next time. "Rapist Protagonist 2.5" Does a little more than hint that the protagonist might rape people. Why do
t12673.12019-07-29How do people like this shit?The first game was all plot. It didn't waste time, you saw characters in conflict and saw specifically what they cared about. When it came time to go
t6983.22019-06-17Repercussion of the Golden Witch ReviewTbh, the prose alone reads like ass. Hard pass for me, I'm afraid.
t4372.162019-06-08Is this supposed to be a light-hearted game?Okay, so, after playing the Translation, I gotta say that the tone is weird. Majority of it is light hearted. That changes when you get to the
t12434.12019-06-08Main CharacterDoes the main character EVER stop being a Gary Stu? Kind of sick of him succeeding in everything he does and pleasing all the ladies. Is he ever
t10878.122019-06-08Official English release!#11 Yeah, the story was very well written. Genuinely good horror. Did a better job than Saya No Uta at hiding its twists whilst revealing just enough
t10878.102019-03-08Official English release!I only read this because I love Nitroplus. Straight as an arrow. That being said, I got a mancrush on Kitani. Easily the best character in the VN for
t11100.42018-10-06Just beat this eroge, and... meh.Actually, nah, I'm sick of the dialogue.
t11100.32018-10-06Just beat this eroge, and... meh.Actually, nah, I'm sick of the dialogue.
t11100.22018-10-06Just beat this eroge, and... meh.It's definitely not just you. I'm playing this and it's like the devs have no shame at all. The shounen speeches are unbelievably stupid. Even that's
t11025.262018-09-21This is pretty good, but....Faggot.
t8377.242017-08-04This VN isn't even good (spoilers)+mirrored This doesn't tell me anything. All it does it explain why he's so annoying and ridiculously unlikable. I understand the situation he's in
t8377.232017-08-04This VN isn't even good (spoilers)+dabackpack No, I mean, I already stated why I don't like him. If you want to just ignore what I'm saying, then you're literally talking to someone
t8377.12016-10-23This VN isn't even good (spoilers)No idea why it's so well liked. I read up to the Beta Rape scene, then dropped it, read a summary and was baffled. Firstly, the protagonist sucks
t4372.122015-08-26Is this supposed to be a light-hearted game?Honestly, yes. It is pretty light hearted so far from what I'm playing. But I did come across a rather disturbing scene that featured an adult woman