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r84943.52022-01-22 at 14:13butterflygrrlStar Melody Yumemi Dreamerit's somewhere in between a trial and a partial according to the steam page
r79208.142022-01-21 at 14:29butterflygrrlU-ena -Toohanabi no Shoujo- Early AccessThe steam page has now removed English from supported languages - guessing the translation still wasn't finished? It may be added later.
v31894.32022-01-20 at 22:38butterflygrrlTanbina Kusaridesc
r82020.22022-01-20 at 22:35butterflygrrlTanbina Kusaridlsite
r62428.22022-01-20 at 22:34butterflygrrlPhilia ni Tsudou Hitsuji-tachi no Uta - PC Editiondlsite
v26192.42022-01-14 at 22:35butterflygrrlGlass Himescreens
v33378.22022-01-14 at 21:41butterflygrrlAssassin at Crimson Keepscreen
r86200.12022-01-14 at 21:40butterflygrrlAssassin at Crimson Keepadd
v33378.12022-01-14 at 21:40butterflygrrlAssassin at Crimson Keepadd
r86171.32022-01-14 at 20:29butterflygrrlOur Wonderland - Arc 1animation
v33368.22022-01-14 at 19:06butterflygrrlOur Wonderlandscreens
r86171.22022-01-14 at 02:19butterflygrrlOur Wonderland - Arc 1engine
r86171.12022-01-14 at 02:09butterflygrrlOur Wonderland - Arc 1add
p13056.12022-01-14 at 02:06butterflygrrlCarrot Patch Gamesadd
v33368.12022-01-14 at 02:05butterflygrrlOur Wonderlandadd
r85947.12022-01-08 at 02:52butterflygrrlDeluge: Threnody of Crashing Wavesadd
v33283.12022-01-08 at 02:48butterflygrrlDeluge: Threnody of Crashing Wavesadd
r85940.12022-01-07 at 18:48butterflygrrlShiori no Kotoha - Dark Reflections -add
v33278.12022-01-07 at 18:43butterflygrrlShiori no Kotoha - Dark Reflections -adding as separate entry, "Originally a bishoujo game, scenarios have been updated and new scenarios have been added so that many players can enjoy
r85934.12022-01-07 at 14:53butterflygrrlTales of Raetrethra - Legends of the Past - Chapter 1add
r85933.12022-01-07 at 14:52butterflygrrlTales of Raetrethra - Legends of the Past - Prologueadd
v33276.12022-01-07 at 14:51butterflygrrlTales of Raetrethra - Legends of the Pastadd
r75567.42022-01-07 at 02:27butterflygrrlZeliria Sanctuary II: Xinori Asylumpage has no date, seems highly unlikely
r85901.12022-01-05 at 15:26butterflygrrlEisaiadd
v33266.12022-01-05 at 15:26butterflygrrlEisaiadd
r59539.122022-01-02 at 17:41butterflygrrlOffsidepub link
r80672.32021-12-30 at 23:14butterflygrrlSummer Daze at Hero-Uno date info
r66874.62021-12-30 at 20:34butterflygrrlNergs İkilemesino sign of update progress since i last bumped it
r66635.42021-12-30 at 20:30butterflygrrlCanglan Biduan de Sichongzou EXTRA1forum's been down for a while, unlikely that a release is imminent
r79208.112021-12-30 at 20:26butterflygrrlU-ena -Toohanabi no Shoujo- Early AccessAccording to a note on the steam forum there IS a real English translator, and that translator is behind schedule, and that's why the release is
r80413.22021-12-29 at 23:32butterflygrrlWǒ de Xiàn Chōng jì Huà ~Děngdài Nǎi de Huíxìn!~released, though 1.0 date is unclear
r83097.32021-12-29 at 23:29butterflygrrlFeng Qi Chang'an: Yu Gu Renmust have clicked accidentally sorry
r83097.22021-12-29 at 23:28butterflygrrlFeng Qi Chang'an: Yu Gu Rensteam page date
r80962.22021-12-29 at 23:27butterflygrrlAce Attorney Investigations 0: Quercus Alba Dating Simulator v 0.2.6latest update (in progress)
r73281.52021-12-29 at 22:19butterflygrrlWith Every Heartbeat(sorry, wrong year)
r73281.42021-12-29 at 22:18butterflygrrlWith Every Heartbeatseems to have been made available in January
r72906.42021-12-29 at 22:12butterflygrrlFriendly Labpage now says 2022 spring
r85736.22021-12-29 at 22:11butterflygrrlOjou-sama wa Gakuen no Seieki Benjo ~Netorase・Bukkake・Rankou Seikatsu Nisshi~giving it a date so it shows up as released
r85744.22021-12-29 at 20:17butterflygrrlBad Faithlink
r85744.12021-12-29 at 20:17butterflygrrlBad FaithCopied from r82671.1
r73318.42021-12-29 at 16:03butterflygrrlthe head well lost 0.5 alphathe full's not coming out soon but there was a recent alpha update
r85157.22021-12-29 at 13:37butterflygrrl120 Yen Storiessteam page date bump
r81767.22021-12-29 at 01:34butterflygrrlMisericorde: Volume Onedate bump just announced on patreon
r71351.32021-12-29 at 01:29butterflygrrlAyakashi GohanNowhere near done as of last update
r79561.32021-12-29 at 01:28butterflygrrlHua luo dong yang Snowdreams -lost in winter-steam page date bump
r78082.22021-12-29 at 01:27butterflygrrlEcho Tokyo: ReaperThis was always only iffy for a 2021 release and since no date has been announced, moving it forward.
r77064.32021-12-29 at 01:25butterflygrrlDark Nightsno visible status info unless this is the secret project, in which case, still nowhere near done
r76971.62021-12-29 at 01:21butterflygrrlOshiRabu: No es amor de fan, es amor de verdadstatus
r76985.22021-12-29 at 01:20butterflygrrlTsui no Sora Remakeupdate
r78064.22021-12-29 at 01:17butterflygrrlSummer Pockets REFLECTION BLUEReflection Blue is being worked on but not available yet