Length votes by butterflygrrl

2021-12-28Will: Meihao Shijie11hFastr63741technically I would have to wait another hour doing literally nothing for the game to time out and give me the bad end achievement. this time covers the main ending and solving every letter at least once, even optional ones.
2021-12-25Nothing Special22mFastr85212
2021-12-25Negligee: Spring Clean4h30mFastr78079
2021-12-01SoulSet6h55mFastr49307100% including bad endings
2021-11-05Foul Play3hFastr80787
2021-09-16Magical Diary: Wolf Hall25hFastr61278
2021-08-11Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze3h15mFastr50358
2021-08-05An Un-Epic Story: The Adventure of Enki and Tiny Freddie52mFastr80045
2021-08-04The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns36mFastr44492
2021-08-04Roomie Romance1h35mFastr64122
2021-08-04Rituals in the Dark1h25mFastr60563
2021-08-04Kokuchou no Psychedelica14h20mFastr59387
2021-08-04Over The Hills And Far Away2hFastr39746
2021-08-04My Goddess of Love36mFastr71129
2021-08-04My Burning Heart5hFastr58050
2021-08-04Mizuchi Baishe xin chuan5h10mFastr69867
2021-08-04Love Ribbon3h35mFastr48134
2021-08-04Fata Morgana no Yakata19hFastr45675
2021-08-04Highway Blossoms2h55mFastr56996
2021-08-04Gothic Murder -Unmei o Kaeru Adventure-4hNormalr74135
2021-08-04Fault Milestone One5hFastr29139
2021-08-04Escape From the Princess3h50mFastr58616
2021-08-04Dysfunctional Systems Episode 1: Learning to Manage Chaos1h20mFastr25036
2021-08-04Bai Qu6hFastr52730
2021-08-04My Dear Prince3hFastr76285
2021-08-04The Reject Demon: Toko45mFastr39237
2021-08-03Fata Morgana no Yakata -Another Episodes-14h20mFastr46327
2021-08-03Enigma:12h35mFastr47566all bad ends complete, steam playtime
2021-08-03The Fairy's Song2h25mFastr70800
2021-08-03Crimson Spires10h30mFastr72888
2021-08-03Misshitsu no Sacrifice17hFastr74597
2021-08-03A Summer's End — Hong Kong, 19863h30mFastr71128
2021-08-03Heart of the Woods5hFastr53886