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t17523.202022-01-14rejected by steamThe non-H version of the game on Vita is still apparently rated 17+ so it certainly wasn't all-ages. Did it still have panty shots in the cut version
t17523.132022-01-14rejected by steamand yet somehow people seem to know every detail of what's in the game in order to call steam idiots and hypocrites for rejecting it... ... or else
t17523.112022-01-13rejected by steamExactly how many people here have actually played the unreleased version that was rejected by steam in order to know what it contained?
t17607.32022-01-07remakebut in the case you just linked to it was added as a new release i'm not asking if it's good. obviously they've made big changes. i just don't know
t17607.12022-01-07remakelooks like there's an upcoming remake of this game: link does that go as a new release or an alternate version?
t17589.172022-01-05Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiwhich "these people"? The ones of us who are saying "yes, it's a different version and should be split off"? "it's CENSORSHIP because the word
t17589.82022-01-04Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thii kind of agree with the OP that a fantranslation of the original sounds like the only practical way to play the original. this isn't a quickie edit
t2108.44342021-12-29Candidates for deletionLeonardo This has no date, no maker name, no link, no information, so I don't even know how to search for it to find out if it's been released or
t2108.44332021-12-29Candidates for deletionr81992 The only source that this was ever going to be a thing was a twitter account which has since been deleted (the whole account, not just that
t2108.44302021-12-28Candidates for deletionI'm not sure why this game has three separate releases all marked 'beta' but I don't think we need this one especially as it only points to a dead
t17553.22021-12-27Why was this removed?we discussed it back here: link though the video linked then seems to have been taken down (not surprising that youtube might object) as best i
t17549.32021-12-26Please delete r76009r6009 is for the full release. which could be deleted if the project looks totally dead but it's NOT dead, it has a development update just last
t2108.44252021-12-26Candidates for deletionr77124 this project appears to be canceled (or at least on indefinite hiatus) link author seems to be pivoting to writing a patreon novel instead
t2108.44142021-12-14Candidates for deletionr55520 No updates for years, the project twitter and tumblr AND the lead's tumblr have all been deleted, this is dead in the water.
t7442.8812021-12-02Game inclusion in the DBAs I understand it, it was ruled out because the story segments between activities are not very long, so the amount of uninterrupted reading fails to
t17391.22021-11-23Dating sim, ren'ai sim, raising sim and ikusei simEnglish speakers have generally drifted towards "life sim" to cover visual novels with strong stat-raising elements, usually restricting "raising sim
t17374.22021-11-18Steam db entry has the relase date on the 23 nowwhat exactly is 'unprofessional and worrying'? that nobody updated VNDB?
w639.22021-11-11Flowers -Le Volume sur Automne-I was really hoping for a hard swerve in which she spends the first half of the game obsessing over Nerine, learns to her chagrin that that was a
t2108.41342021-10-31Candidates for deletionr84316 iirc we don't need separate entries for versions that are being constantly updated; i bumped the 0.9 to 1.0 and this one can be removed. (Or
t8242.8082021-10-22The how to edit threadSometimes the freem screenshots are REALLY off, though, and if you automatically add completely-wrong screenshots then they won't be obvious as
t7442.8692021-10-22Game inclusion in the DB@864 adding games is a haphazard thing, there's a ton of sources that I add stuff from sporadically just because I felt like looking at what had come
t17193.222021-10-16VN with the ugliest heroine?It's tricky because the ugliest heroines are usually that way because I just hate the artist's art style to begin with, which is nothing to do with
t3617.26502021-10-07Tags suggestions/fixesSlime Girl Heroine does not seem to be a thing yet as a tag, though it does exist as a trait: Slime There are tags for Consensual Sex Involving
t17136.42021-10-06I'm a bit confused about...>As if that holds any relevance when the player asks himself: did I enjoy myself or not while playing this? Eh, on my personal rating scale, "I didn
t2108.40922021-10-06Candidates for deletionkumiko: are you actually entirely unaware of the nature of the original homestuck because you never followed it when it was live, or are you simply
t17124.112021-10-06How to exclude games with bad protagonists ?uming and ahing is quite different from stammering
t16794.462021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?#42 I agree I tend to eyeroll as soon as I see Japanese names in an EVN, especially when the game is just some generic high school shit that could
t17112.52021-10-01No info or opinions on this game at all?!> because a lot of people chose not to buy it it's sold way more copies on steam than most VNs do. tons of people bought it. just not THIS audience
t17112.32021-10-01No info or opinions on this game at all?!> the fact that i'm posting the first time in the games forums is also very telling. telling of the fact that it wasn't designed for a traditional
t17010.452021-09-30The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBI might recommend fewer linebreaks so it doesn't take up the whole page but I think the extra text really helps to get the tone across and provides
t2108.40672021-09-29Candidates for deletionThere actually is a distinct difference if it's a complete navigable translation that therefore allows the player to choose their path through the
t17079.62021-09-26Translations of visual novels in the form of videoI'd like to know they exist so I can look at the stories of games that would be otherwise unavailable, but yeah, it's hard to call it a release at
t17079.22021-09-26Translations of visual novels in the form of videoEhhh. Not sure how I feel so not voting, but at the least, you could post a link to that in the game's discussion forum, no?
t2108.40642021-09-23Candidates for deletionr37593 Can it be safely assumed that this isn't happening?
t17010.212021-09-15The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBOTOH the most-played games are the most likely to have been corrected by someone if they were totally wrong, aren't they? But with games that had
t17010.102021-09-14The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBIdeally IMO it would be more useful to focus on descriptions that are outright wrong/misleading/incomprehensible rather than just nitpicking grammar
t2108.40452021-09-14Candidates for deletion#4039 - Homestuck in its original format is slightly more than just an online manga though. It's not just text with narration and clicking to
t16977.202021-09-09Offer: Translating MTLs descriptions for Cash!i am paid in the love and appreciation of my fans and the teeth-gnashing of my enemies not that i do anything useful, but since when are usefulness
t7442.8532021-09-05Game inclusion in the DByep, full auto all the way through, and no controls to change autoplay speed either.
t7442.8512021-09-05Game inclusion in the DBIs being able to click to advance a requirement to qualify as a VN? Systematic Insanity is made in Visual Novel Maker and occasionally shows a tiny
w1630.42021-08-31Kudan no Folklore#2 That's not true at all though, there have been MANY cases of devs resubmitting, big and small, including ones where social media never heard about
w1630.12021-08-30Kudan no FolkloreHaving finally finished the game I am really confused by the Steam rejection, and even more confused why they didn't appeal it and win. I know Steam
t10302.2932021-08-28Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#292 Do you have a fetish for really deep holes?
t16836.32021-08-19One of the worst VN translations ever?It's been so long since I read it that I really can't remember the translation details anymore, but considering the number of translations I've read
t950.9942021-08-17VNDB Suggestions!#990 We do now at least have a way to mark MTLs which are the most unreadable.
t16809.242021-08-17Romance VNs and how do you react to them.#22 That depends on whose definition you're using! Just like the old definition of comedy used to mean "it ends in a marriage" which isn't exactly
t16809.72021-08-15Romance VNs and how do you react to them.If the story is good or the love interests are appealing I can read anyway despite hating the protagonist. That just motivates me to invent my own
t2108.39622021-08-06Candidates for deletionThe itch page says they're the hustle cat devs, so not quite first time, but yeah there's been no updates for a long while and a lot of the project
t16728.442021-08-04A VN Play Time Voting Thinghow many players actually separately time out their h-scenes?
t16728.412021-08-03A VN Play Time Voting Thing>Why do you still want categories when you have precise times? :/ Because people process data differently and for many it's faster to make sense of