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t9426.72017-07-20Ehh.. So it's not canon?@6: I don't know #3 seemed pretty reasonable. I mean what's the point of reading any VN? Entertainment, fun, duh. Besides, considering Steins;Gate
t9361.232017-07-07Re-Read VNs?I haven't fully re-read any VNs yet (as far as I remember) besides the first Sunrider. However, there might be various reasons for re-reading a VN
t9010.102017-07-04Katawa Shoujo Prealpha Repair@ryudb #5 So if I understand correctly, Hanako has in total 5 endings, 3 of which are bad (instead of one) and upon reaching one of them you unlock
t9104.92017-04-22Is it normally distributed?@8 I'm not entirely sure whether that was a jab at me, or the OP, I'm gonna assume at the OP given the rest of the comment. :P On a side note (off
t9104.72017-04-22Is it normally distributed?Gotta agree that it's not really meaningful whether a single user's scores are (aproximately) normally distributed. Everyone has likes and dislikes
t8861.62017-02-21Can't Get Endings? - SolvedEh, it's not much of a fix. Windows 10 is simply just bad with (older) VNs and Japanese games in general (endless issues with Japanese locale and
t8377.172017-02-20This VN isn't even good (spoilers)@15 clowred ""Keep your opinions to yourself" ... I don't remember forcing you to read it..."One has to read the posts to be able to respond to the
t8861.32017-02-20Can't Get Endings? - SolvedIt's been running fine for me on Windows 8.1 without any compatibility modes so that one should work if any. Have you tried reinstalling? Have you
t8764.102017-02-17Teaching Feeling : Will it end?That's good to know. I thought the game was already considered finished as it is with the unending gameplay being intended. Something to look forward
t8821.122017-02-13this Visual novel cannot be run in linux mintWell I'm not against Win updates in general, I just like to have control over what updates actually get downloaded and installed. Don't want
t8821.92017-02-13this Visual novel cannot be run in linux mintWeren't updates impossible to turn off in Windows 10? I have no experience with Win 10 but from what I've heard you can't even tamper with updates in
t8821.62017-02-12this Visual novel cannot be run in linux mintI just installed virtual Win XP to play VNs on my Linux laptop, easier to deal with than Wine for the most part. Of course newer VNs might not run
t8813.122017-02-11How to play VNs?@9 It's not that time consuming once you manage to incorporate it into your daily routine. But then again the less time you spend on it the longer
t8813.82017-02-11How to play VNs?So far I've only been reading VNs with English patches. However, I've started learning Japanese and plan on incorporating text hooker (for furigana
t8697.122017-02-11Beat Heaven's Feel day before yesterdayWell, there's no need for epilogues in bad/dead ends so I think only the 5 intended endings have an epilogue (Fate technically has 2 since the two
t8697.102017-02-10Beat Heaven's Feel day before yesterdayOkay, had to 'Ctrl' through the endings of UBW and HF just to be sure, but the ending part in both HF Normal Ending and Sunny Day is in fact titled
t8718.212017-02-10Do you read all the routes?I'm a completionist albeit a bit disorganized one. It would bother me if marked a VN completed without finishing all the routes. Though I do make
t8697.82017-02-10Beat Heaven's Feel day before yesterday@drakon9 Yeah, by Tiger Dojo endings I meant generaly all the dead/bad endings, not Tiger Dojo itself. Also, I don't remember Sunny Day (UBW Good
t8697.32017-02-09Beat Heaven's Feel day before yesterday@drakon9 By over 50 endings of the original game you mean all the legitimate endings + tiger dojo endings? Also, speaking of spin-offs is there any
t8116.52016-08-12Explanation of UBW good endingIf it's true what you said, that you don't know the true ending nor have you played the entire UBW route, then it's quite simple. What you're
t6790.272016-07-18How'd you feel if Japan no longer censored?While there are excpetions in my VN lists, the porn is not the main reason why I read VNs and represents only a small portion of overall playtime, so
t7712.62016-04-24How Long Have You Been Reading Visual Novels?Well, it depends, I might've stumbled upon a few VNs in the past without kowing about the genre. I started actively reading them about a year ago
t7357.242016-03-20Just a warningJust a question, are there any more triggered conversations after she offers to sleep with you to repay for treating her kindly (besides taking her
t7524.122016-03-06Length of the VN?@11 Zwiebel: Well I got that most of it (if not all) was not serious and/or over-exaggerating, but it got me curious all the same so I looked into it
t7524.102016-03-06Length of the VN?@9 Zwiebel: Well, speaking of over-spending, I skimmed through the Kickstarter and Patreon updates. (Pure speculations on my part from here on) For
t7524.42016-03-05Length of the VN?@Kiru: Well, the current placeholder was probably because people assumed it was gonna be of similar length as the prequel, which I think was round 15
t7524.12016-03-05Length of the VN?So, I read some reviews on Steam and a lot of them seems to be complaining about the game's length which is supposedly around 4 hours. Can anyone
t6954.1492016-02-28Muv Luv Kicstarter@Vorathiel That's right, I completely forgot there were already console ports and newer PC port of said console ports for Win 7 that used newer
t6954.1422016-02-26Muv Luv KicstarterTrue, I forgot about CGs. It does look a bit jarring when next to each other, but I don't think I'd notice if I just played the 16:9 without trying
t6954.1392016-02-25Muv Luv KicstarterCouldn't they use Altered Fable assets to make it 16:9? Unless of course Altered Fable also used cropped Muv-Luv images in scenes that were set in
t6954.1372016-02-24Muv Luv KicstarterWell, 16:9 format and cinematic subtitles from MLA will make it look a bit better even without other graphical improvements.
t7447.112016-02-14VN list status "Planing to read"Not a bad idea, though it might make the whishlist look rather cumbersome. Maybe pop-up thumbails over pointed-at entries?
t7068.362016-02-14The non-VN eroge discussion thread@Gabezhul: "I actually like this game, but damn, is it newbie-unfriendly!" I wouldn't say it's newbie-unfriendly per se. There's a lot of stuff you
t7447.92016-02-14VN list status "Planing to read"Well, I've been using the wishlist for this purpose since there wasn't the desired "Plan to Read/Play" option and I didn't have other uses for it
t7068.292016-02-13The non-VN eroge discussion thread@25 That thread necromancy was a nice read actually, looking forward to sequel once you get to revive some other thread in the future. "Let me talk
t2636.232016-01-27Euphoria- Figuring this story out..I suppose that makes the most sense afterall. As for my previous reasoning. After Kanae took us to Nemu and we had the set of flashbacks from Nemu's
t7371.162016-01-15does reading VN improve you reading and writing?To be honest, there are no "perfect translations" from Japanese to English. The languages are way too different from each other and there are often
t7371.92016-01-14does reading VN improve you reading and writing?Your description is a bit general. Visual novels are usually Japanese / English (if translated, or native) reading material. Do you hope to improve
t6356.252016-01-13Woah, whoa, "True sequel"? :O#13 I think it can be considered "true sequel" in the sense that the Beta timeline is the "original/true" timeline Okabe started out in, Titor wrote
t6954.1192016-01-08Muv Luv KicstarterMuv-Luv on its own might not be anything extra (intended), but it provides context and motivation for the protagonist and contrast for what is to
t7352.22016-01-08All Ages.I still think that "All ages" version for MLA is a good joke at worst, and should be taken with a huge block of salt at best, considering what themes
t7293.52015-12-22What tells Nemu to doJust start playing the True route, what you're looking for is the Brute ending. Here's a full walkthrough for reference.
t2636.212015-12-18Euphoria- Figuring this story out..@3 Nemu and Kanae were definitely real in the simulation, not NPCs, since they were doing their little bet and had to influence the events. As for
t7068.242015-11-06The non-VN eroge discussion threadA question about Ariadne link. Does Karma have any effect on story/dialogues whatsoever, or is it just to unlock a few h-scenes? Just wondering
t6972.142015-09-30VNDB is 8 Years OldCongrats I guess, even though I've been here barely a month. :)
t6970.32015-09-30Kagami Sumika (Spoiler)The Evil Within spoiler: If we counted end results, I think Ruvik from The Evil Within comes close. He went through a similar experience when it
t6954.642015-09-28Muv Luv Kicstarter^ I think that may have something to do with the price distribution of the backer rewards. Clannad had the limited pledges for $1000 and $7000
t6954.382015-09-26Muv Luv Kicstarter@35 At the very least, I think they should use the Amaterasu translation as a basis for translated terminology, since there are going to be terms the
t6957.22015-09-26zero escape 3 hypeWell, Zero Escape can be described in one word, "mindfuck". It wasn't the biggest mindfuckery I've ever seen, but it's definitely up there in my top
t974.1312015-09-05Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]As usual I'm several years late to the party. Not sure if it's of any use to react to old posts, but might as well, as I just read all of this thread