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Title ▴StatusReleases*Vote
Tears to TiaraFinished2/27
2005-04-28  Tears to Tiara - Regular EditionObtained
2008-12-31  Tears To TiaraObtained
2008-11-29  The LetterObtained
Tenchi Muyou! Toukou Muyou1/1-
1996-09-13  Tenchi Muyou! Toukou MuyouObtained
Tentacle and WitchesStalled2/2-
2009-07-24  Tentacle and Witches - Download EditionObtained
2015-05-30  Tentacle and WitchesObtained
The Best Eroge EverFinished0/28
2007-11-04  The Best Eroge EverDeleted
2009-06-30  The Best Eroge Ever (RenPy Port)Deleted
The King Of Fighters: Kyo1/1-
1998-08-27  The King Of Fighters: KyoObtained
The Mensetsu ~Naitei Hoshikerya Wakaru Daro?~1/1-
2019-03-07  The Interview: You Know What You've Got to Do t...Obtained
The Most Offensive Game EverFinished0/14
2009-07-12  The Most Offensive Game EverDeleted
The NooseFinished1/13
2007-02  The NooseObtained
The Second Reproduction2/2-
2008-12-28  The Second ReproductionObtained
2012-02-20  The Second ReproductionObtained
The Stolen Diamond RingFinished1/17
2009-08-13  The Stolen Diamond RingObtained
The Witch's ScissorsFinished1/17
2013-04-13  The Witch's ScissorsObtained
The world to reverse.Finished1/17
2006-08-19  The world to reverse.Obtained
Thief and Sword: Another Stories11/11-
2011-10-15  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 1Obtained
2011-10-22  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 2Obtained
2011-10-29  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 3Obtained
2011-11-06  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 4Obtained
2011-11-13  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 5Obtained
2011-11-19  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 6Obtained
2011-11-26  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 7Obtained
2011-11-26  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 7Obtained
2011-12-18  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 8Obtained
2012-01-08  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 9Obtained
2012-01-14  Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 10Obtained
Thief and Troll2/2-
2012-03-23  Thief and TROLLObtained
2014-10-12  Thief and TROLLObtained
Thief & Sword2/2-
2009-09-18  Thief & SwordObtained
2011-09-04  Thief & SwordObtained
Tick! Tack!1/1-
2005-09-16  Tick! Tack! -Limited Edition-Obtained
Time Stripper Mako-chanFinished1/16
1997    TimestripperObtained
To Heart2/2-
2003-06-19  To Heart - Renewal PackageObtained
2003-06-27  ToHeart PSE - Regular EditionObtained
To Heart 2Finished2/210
2005-12-22  ToHeart2 Xrated - Regular EditionObtained
2017-09-26  ToHeart2 XratedObtained
Tokimeki Check-in!Finished1/16
2001-10-09  Tokimeki Check-in! - Package EditionObtained
Tokoyo no HoshizoraFinished1/19
2006-04-02  Red ShiftObtained
Tokyo AliceFinished1/18
2010-10-25  Tokyo AliceObtained
Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~5/5-
2005-11-25  Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ First Pres...Obtained
2010-04-30  Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ Memorial E...Obtained
2011-03-16  Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~Obtained
2012-09-21  Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~Obtained
2016-07-01  Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ English Ed...Obtained
Tottemo PheromoneFinished1/15
2002-12-18  Target: Pheromone - Package EditionObtained
Touji no Sato1/1-
2004-11-26  Touji no Sato - Regular EditionObtained
Toushin Toshi2/2-
1997-12-18  Alice no Yakata 456Obtained
2013-05-24  Toushin ToshiObtained
Toushin Toshi 2 - Soshite, Sorekara...1/1-
1995-12-08  Toushin Toshi 2 - Soshite, Sorekara...Obtained
Toushin Toshi II2/2-
1997-06-20  Toushin Toshi 2Obtained
2013-10-17  Toushin Toshi 2Obtained
True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~Finished1/17
1999-01  True LoveObtained
True RemembranceFinished1/19
2008-02-13  True RemembranceObtained
2003-02-10  Tsuki -Possession- Package EditionObtained
1999-12-24  Tsukihime - Trial EditionObtained
2000-08-11  Tsukihime -Half Moon Edition-Obtained
2000-12-29  TsukihimeObtained
2003-04-02  Tsuki-BakoObtained
2006-12-28  TsukihimeObtained
Tsukihime: Fool's ErrandFinished0/14
2009-04-01  Tsukihime: Fool's ErrandDeleted
Tsukihime Plus-DiscFinished2/27
2003-04-02  Tsuki-BakoObtained
2007-09-12  Tsukihime Plus+DiscObtained
Tsukimi PlanetFinished1/16
2015-11-22  Tsukimi PlanetObtained
Tsuki no TerasuFinished1/17
2008-11-30  MoonshineObtained
Tsundere Makai Princess Arisa to Haramase Shinkon Seikatsu! ~Zenbu ...1/1-
2009-03-13  Tsundere Makai Princess Arisa to Haramase Shink...Obtained