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t15444.22021-01-22I'm able to run the game but see no images justtxtAre you running it in Japanese Locale?
t15337.22021-01-05Translation status?Sorry to get your hopes up, but I was clearly just trolling the guy.
t15268.352021-01-02THIS GOT TRANSLATED!?^ Please describe the taste of said shit.
t15304.92021-01-01Tsukihime remake has a official release datePS4 and Switch, huh? I guess Ciel doesn't take it in the ass anymore...
t15170.32020-12-11What is "Mugyu"It can also be the sound effect of hugging/squeezing something.
t15159.22020-12-10Shouldn't it be considered Fandisc, not sequel?It takes place after Saki's route, so it's a sequel to it.
t14693.212020-11-29Is this ever gonna come out?Stop buying Fate/stuff and it'll have to come out. Eventually... Maybe...
t15084.32020-11-27Next Game Should Be AwesomeLet it be noted that the OP has had enough pussy and now wants to give a dog a bone, if you get my drift.
t14932.32020-11-27new game plus?The JP save is compatible with the EN release.
t14448.252020-11-25Best place to start in the Rance series?^ Rance 4 is important for understanding Rance 9. And don't forget about Slash Thrust Burn after Sengoku. ^__^
t15053.62020-11-22What is D.C. ~Da Capo~ like?Try To Heart 2
t15010.22020-11-12Rance 01 100% game savefileThe JP save from Sagaoz works just as good though...
t14448.222020-11-06Best place to start in the Rance series?^ I didn't ASSUME anything. I compared MG's translation with both the Kai and KaiKai JP scripts and it is very clear that MG translated Kai, NOT
t14448.202020-11-05Best place to start in the Rance series?^ Sorry, no can do. I only compared the scripts in a few places, enough to confirm this. I haven't read KaiKai yet.
t14448.182020-11-05Best place to start in the Rance series?About the English Rance 02 Kai script, for anyone who cares: After comparing some of MangaGamer's translation with the Japanese text, I can confirm
t14727.32020-09-15[hidden spoilers] Story full of cheap twistsWhat pissed me off the most was that in one of the other branches (can't remember which, it's been a while since I read this) Kyousuke clearly IS
t14510.132020-08-12Games where all girls have Small/Medium Breasts?You can also try games with art by Peko, 18+ versions of Key games, or many games from NekoNeko Soft.
t14500.22020-08-09(spoiler)I am confused! can someone explain to me?That's easy: bad writing.
t14467.32020-08-05the 1st chapter is the odd one outIMO, the 1st chapter was a lot more intense in the anime.
t14448.72020-08-03Best place to start in the Rance series?Why do I even bother...
t14448.42020-08-02Best place to start in the Rance series?It usually is, yeah...
t14448.22020-08-02Best place to start in the Rance series?How about starting with the first in the series and/or its remake?
t14230.62020-07-29Clearing up questions about ex H-scenesHow about reupload it yourself?
t14423.22020-07-29Why do visual novels go on sale on same dayMaybe that's when the people in Japan get paid.
t14392.42020-07-25Old visual novels with MIDI musicA lot of JAST's early translated VNs use MIDI music.
t12484.182020-07-23Translation of the novel on the Renpy engine^ Thank goodness we have Western Europe to look at all that underage porn, otherwise Russia would be spreading it all for nothing, amirite?
t14341.82020-07-21Where to get save file of VN in Eng translation?"The Sagaoz saves just do not fit into these English versions" Yeah, that tends to happen when the English version runs on a totally different engine.
t14366.32020-07-20Lucky ShiroShiro had a harem THEN. NOW he has his own cooking show! AND an alternate world loli imouto!!!
t14361.62020-07-19Is a separate entry for the remake necessary?@#2 Eiyuu*Senki GOLD is neither a remake, nor a remaster of Eiyuu*Senki. They're different games with mostly the same characters. Get your facts
t14334.32020-07-14difference between editions? where to buy?Or you could try the Free To Play Edition, available online on selected sites.
t14295.122020-07-06Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?Air Fate/Stay Night Gimai - Hitomi
t14230.42020-06-22Clearing up questions about ex H-scenesHere you go, people: link This archive contains the following: - the latest LBEX English patch (version 6.0) - a 100% save file for LBEX - a
t14230.22020-06-22Clearing up questions about ex H-scenes"it is insanely hard to get your hands on, and it doesn't help that you still have to find the english patch in a 9 year old dead forum"I have the
t12900.142020-06-21Eiyuu Senki WWX^ Be warned that new stuff keeps getting added to WWX every once in a while, so there is no definitive version yet as far as I know.
t14140.22020-06-07Kara no Shoujo 2 is getting a new cast versionSo what was so terribly wrong with the old cast?
t14068.122020-05-27Sol Press quits the VN marketThey still have so many things TBA that I wouldn't even count on them to release those, never mind new stuff.
t13907.312020-05-25New type of censorshipNew type of censorship: Post deleted. Post deleted. Post deleted. Post deleted. Post deleted. Yes, I see what you mean. Good thing we live in a
t2741.202020-05-09english patchWow, I didn't know they finished translating this. Now let's hope they do a good job with the TLC & editing and that they also translate the fandisc.
t13892.32020-04-29It is strange.Because version 2.0 has 2 developers, one of them being American Bishoujo.
t13870.42020-04-25VN to learn Japanese ?Hanahira!
t13741.32020-03-29WalkthroughIf you have the CD version, get the DVD version.
t13668.22020-03-15StatusWhat engine build? Doesn't this run on the same engine as the first one?
t13661.62020-03-15100% CGHow did you not find anything? A simple search for "Canvas ~セピア色のモチーフ~ walkthrough" gets you link saves included. And "Canvas ~セピア色のモチーフ~ 攻略" gets
t13050.202020-03-13Sales@#17 & #18 So instead of a zombie apocalypse we get an otaku apocalypse, huh?
t13661.32020-03-11100% CGSurely there must be a walkthrough out there, right?
t13634.32020-03-09Bonjorno! ... really?Ah, yes, a fine example of Itarian desu.
t13648.72020-03-09r44007 "&" dialogue bug"Would it be possible to modify it so it works with r46920"Yes, it should be possible. Good luck finding someone willing to do it.
t13648.52020-03-08r44007 "&" dialogue bug^ It IS better than r54699, by a lot.
t13648.32020-03-08r44007 "&" dialogue bugr44007 is meant to be applied on the original Japanese version of Eiyuu Senki. You CANNOT patch any other version with it and expect it to work well
t13539.112020-02-14A defense of the remake@#4 RESPECT.