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t9801.1092019-09-13Partial English H-patch released!You're welcome. ^__^
t12839.102019-09-10After Story^ Then fix the fucking character traits, smartass, because it clearly says twin tails there (Ichinose Kotomi).
t12839.52019-09-09After StoryI wasn't very fond of Kotomi myself and don't understand what others saw in her Big boobs, twin-tails, and Noto Mamiko.
t8188.162019-09-09NTR^ The Master Beta wanted raep. :P
t12835.42019-09-08Cross†Channel English version^ I've read Hanahira, Ludesia, and the entire Harvest December series with Shaft's translation. Am I going to be OK?
t12835.22019-09-08Cross†Channel English versioninb4 dumbass elitists telling you to read it in Japanese because no translation will ever be good enough. But yeah, I'd like to know that too. 18
t12817.52019-09-03Regarding age ratings and decensoringI strongly favor marking them as 18+ and uncensored respectivelyI agree.
t12729.202019-08-31Voice problems?@#17 After doing some checking, I believe those lines are voiced in the DVD version. And they should have been voiced in the English release.
t12794.132019-08-31How often do you listen to the full voiced lines?I always listen to the voices. That, plus watching a ton of anime, is how I learned Japanese in the first place.
t12787.72019-08-29do you know this visual novel?It's not Higurashi, is it?
t12779.82019-08-28AI Upscaled Images (Discussion)Same here. In fact, I think most of the great VNs out there are 800x600 or less.
t12785.22019-08-28Regarding the ending of this gameI'm guessing this was meant to be a thread for Re;Lord Dai San Shou ~Grossen no Maou to Saigo no Majo~?
t12768.32019-08-24Resolution of the Unity ports^ What he said.
t12758.22019-08-22READ THIS FIRSTSo this game doesn't ask if you want to save before swapping discs? I played a lot of multi-disc PSX games with ePSXe, and all of them asked if I
t12729.142019-08-21Voice problems?This basically means "no patch for you", right? So I guess we should continue playing it as it is.
t12753.62019-08-20How do you guys feel about the JVN industry?1. Change the Japanese censorship law. 2. Re-release old VNs with uncensored HCGs. 3. ??? 4. Profit.
t12729.102019-08-17Voice problems?^ Like I said, even if you have the First Press Edition that comes on 3 CDs, by applying the free patch from link, you get the content from the DVD
t12729.62019-08-15Voice problems?There shouldn't be any problem with voice licensing. After all, the JP patch that adds them is free to download for anyone.
t12729.42019-08-15Voice problems?Okay, so I did some digging through the game files, and as it turns out, the EN version actually translates the JP CD version. Some of the things
t12729.32019-08-15Voice problems?I've read somewhere about a patch that added voices for side characters in the JP version. Maybe the EN version simply didn't include the content
t12686.82019-08-03Worth reading ?girls...made up of fewer pixels than normal This is probably the most original way of describing lolis I've ever seen. d^__^b
t12660.322019-08-03Sadpanda is leaving...(?)Others say he did it for love. ^__^
t12660.292019-08-02Sadpanda is leaving...(?)^ And nothing of value was lost ???
t12682.22019-08-02Translation idc and change it to 2-10hDon't assume. The other route might be 8 hours. Play it and find out or leave it to someone else.
t9801.1052019-08-01Partial English H-patch released!TT is TokyoToshokan.
t9801.1032019-08-01Partial English H-patch released!TT has it. Other places too.
t9801.1012019-07-31Partial English H-patch released!The CG pack for Eiyuu Senki WWX is out, yo. Courtesy of Jack Sparrow. 40 new CGs. Old CGs are more censored now. Just thought I'd let you know.
t12671.22019-07-28I don’t get be honest I didn’t pay much attention to the complicated explanations Well there's your problem!
t12663.92019-07-27Youtube translationsI've never used a YouTube-based translation, but I imagine most of them come in more than one video clip, right? And if one of those video clips
t12660.182019-07-26Sadpanda is leaving...(?)Welcome to the Netherlands! Space cake? Sure! Prostitutes? Take your pick! Loli hentai? Nah, it's illegal. Son, I am disappoint.
t12655.42019-07-24English Patch ReleasedCool. Now do Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Anata ni Chikau Ai and the ero version of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide ni. Gotta
t12623.32019-07-19Questions about this game3. Any non-virgin heroines? God, I hope not. >__<
t11095.62019-07-19So Takaaki...^ I've seen worse.
t12602.152019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Boy x Boy Romance Only Bara Male on Male Sex Only Male on Futanari Male on Male Rape Only Trap Heroines Futanari on Male Futanari on Futanari Protagon
t12597.32019-07-11VN or anime first?Watch the Fate/Zero anime first, then read the VN.
t12580.22019-07-09Mahjong Gensoukyoku -General Discussion-I thought Sei Shoujo only did the art for the 2001 versions of Part 2 and 3. You're saying he also worked on the originals, huh?
t12563.122019-07-08Anime Expo 2019 Announcements!About Rance 02, I wonder if MG will translate Kai, or Kaikai (see link if you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about).
t6702.722019-07-05What's your opinion and at what age did u read?^ Yeah, I could have done without that scene as well.
t9801.962019-07-04Partial English H-patch released!You're welcome. I had fun doing it.
t9801.942019-07-04Partial English H-patch released!No, JAST did not buy my translation, but now that they're doing this, I will cease all work on the patch, for good this time. And I won't reupload
t9801.912019-07-04Partial English H-patch released!Sure thing. This link should be good for 3 weeks.
t12535.22019-06-30Remake how much is missing?It was Sayless in the lake in Mio's route. And the second time he saved her was in the desert, although that was yet to happen.
t12496.92019-06-22How the hell do i even play this game?The game is definitely worth it, so don't give up on it. Using a walkthrough, it's actually quite easy to go through it.
t12097.172019-06-21Came across a 100% translation of thisMame's art is fucking awesome, I don't care what anyone says. The only thing that would make it even better is uncensoring, which will probably
t12097.102019-06-20Came across a 100% translation of this^ Why?
t9801.882019-06-19Partial English H-patch released!I've been busy with other stuff, and I've been playing YU-NO, so... you know... If you're asking about the other group, I have no idea, but it seems
t5599.182019-06-18What will Tenco do next?Not happy about this new direction for the series, but some of the new girls look really cute. I hope someone will rip the CGs.
t12481.82019-06-18At long lastI won't be doing it, that's for sure.
t12472.62019-06-16Christianity is a theme of Dies IraeI think starting a similar thread to the one that was just locked is asking for a ban.
t12438.22019-06-14Mayumi 2 English translation?You probably know this already, but the English patch is out.