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t16147.32021-09-28The black sheep of Empress/Sei ShoujoI was actually looking forward to JAST's release of this at some point.
t17060.22021-09-23Recommend me some good vn for starting out I'm newlink
t17047.22021-09-21Please recommend me anythinglink
t17022.42021-09-19How to unlock hard mode w/o beating the game?The second opening has nothing to do with the ending. It simply pops up after passing a certain point in the story, showing characters and events
t17022.22021-09-17How to unlock hard mode w/o beating the game?Yes, using a 100% save does unlock hard mode, but it also unlocks all CGs in the gallery and it might show you the second opening when you start the
t16762.52021-09-13Names of these hentais?That matches girl from number 2 was a real cutie. <3
t8454.252021-09-09Just curious...^ Since nobody came up with a fix for the problem I mentioned in post #7, the answer is no, no plans at all.
t16929.32021-09-08H-CodeHook code, for use with text hooking programs.
t16962.32021-09-07About completionEvery route, obviously. Otherwise, you didn't finish the VN, you only read part of it.
t16935.32021-09-03PC release?Ported to Renpy maybe?
t8145.582021-08-31Release of the translationVNDB is turning into Facebook and Twitter.
t16881.52021-08-26SEL for PS1 should be considered a visual novel.^ Agreed. Please remove all "sound novels" from VNDB while we're at it.
t16857.52021-08-23translation quality?@#2 It's supposed to get hard sometimes. After all, it IS an eroge :P
t16809.62021-08-15Romance VNs and how do you react to them.^ Fuck kanji. Learn ALL the grammar and as much vocab as you can, and with the help of a good text hooker + e-dictionary you'll be able to read VNs
t16793.42021-08-13Would this be considered a Visual Art's/Key VN?Officially, no. Among Key fans, yes.
t16701.52021-07-28Ass or tits?Ass, of course, for all the right reasons.
t12102.172021-07-14Should i wait for steam version?So people couldn't stay inside their homes and translate because of COVID, huh? Okay...
t16316.32021-06-26Kud Wafter before Little Busters?@OP Do you know the secret of the world?
t16029.32021-06-15Why germany never port PC-VersionNazi censorship when it comes to PC gaming might also be a factor...
t14978.82021-06-15Rance 02 Kai GDPlay KaiKai then. JP only though, thanks to MG.
t16210.32021-06-08Himenohara Suzuran "Not a Virgin"If she broke her hymen with a dildo or something, then I think she can still be considered a virgin as long as she didn't take cock. After all
t15749.72021-06-03A bunch of new info on TsukihimeR (March 2021)inb4 anime adaptation divided in 5 movies over the next 15 years.
t15304.322021-05-20Tsukihime remake has a official release dateMuch like Aquaplus/Leaf, Key and other VN makers out there, TypeMoon wants to pretend it never did porn, so I'll also pass on this one. Censoring and
t15963.52021-05-02Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experience@#2 That's probably one of the most normal, common sense opinions I've seen on this site. Respect!
t15356.62021-04-25Someone enlight me^ After reading the description, it looks like the game is pretty much an alternate version of the events from Season 1 of the anime, so you should
t14727.132021-04-22[hidden spoilers] Story full of cheap twistsI AM THE GREAT PLOTHOLIO!!!
t8399.512021-04-15Eiyuu*Senki English patch complete@#48 No need to apologize at all. I was just explaining the situation. I wasn't around when the two patches were merged due to HongFire accessing
t15863.22021-04-14I'll pirate itSanta sees all and knows all!
t12455.292021-04-13Possible Update from Jast coming soonBy the time JAST makes it compatible with the current OSs, a new OS will appear.
t15768.82021-04-10Is there a list of deleted VNs?If they were deleted, then they are not VNs, amirite?
t15360.132021-04-03New character designsSaberfaces are created when they are drawn.
t15720.22021-03-20Kira ~ Fleur des neigesHere you go, bub: link The archive might also contain some save files right before the H-scene or something, I can't remember for sure, it's been
t15512.112021-03-20This should be set to "Long" Length^ Well, it should be. Otherwise, it's like fast-forwarding a 2 hour long movie and saying "Yeah, I watched that and it took me 15 minutes".
t15711.92021-03-19series continues into the anime "higurashi gou"I, for one, enjoyed seeing teenage Rika & Satoko in the anime.
t8399.452021-03-06Eiyuu*Senki English patch complete@#42 Yes, it can be removed by editing a few files from the patch. But as I said before, I stopped working on ES, so anyone who wants to remove it is
t8399.412021-03-05Eiyuu*Senki English patch complete^ No. The Gawain scenes from GOLD were originally a separate, optional patch that I made for loli fans, which was later included in the main patch
t15518.32021-02-09Any missable characters?Did JAST include the content from the bonus patch in their release? Because if they didn't, then Hazakura Seiso won't be available at all.
t15444.22021-01-22I'm able to run the game but see no images justtxtAre you running it in Japanese Locale?
t15337.22021-01-05Translation status?Sorry to get your hopes up, but I was clearly just trolling the guy.
t15268.352021-01-02THIS GOT TRANSLATED!?^ Please describe the taste of said shit.
t15304.92021-01-01Tsukihime remake has a official release datePS4 and Switch, huh? I guess Ciel doesn't take it in the ass anymore...
t15170.32020-12-11What is "Mugyu"It can also be the sound effect of hugging/squeezing something.
t15159.22020-12-10Shouldn't it be considered Fandisc, not sequel?It takes place after Saki's route, so it's a sequel to it.
t14693.212020-11-29Is this ever gonna come out?Stop buying Fate/stuff and it'll have to come out. Eventually... Maybe...
t15084.32020-11-27Next Game Should Be AwesomeLet it be noted that the OP has had enough pussy and now wants to give a dog a bone, if you get my drift.
t14932.32020-11-27new game plus?The JP save is compatible with the EN release.
t14448.252020-11-25Best place to start in the Rance series?^ Rance 4 is important for understanding Rance 9. And don't forget about Slash Thrust Burn after Sengoku. ^__^
t15053.62020-11-22What is D.C. ~Da Capo~ like?Try To Heart 2
t15010.22020-11-12Rance 01 100% game savefileThe JP save from Sagaoz works just as good though...
t14448.222020-11-06Best place to start in the Rance series?^ I didn't ASSUME anything. I compared MG's translation with both the Kai and KaiKai JP scripts and it is very clear that MG translated Kai, NOT