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t12602.152019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Boy x Boy Romance Only Bara Male on Male Sex Only Male on Futanari Male on Male Rape Only Trap Heroines Futanari on Male Futanari on Futanari Protagon
t12597.32019-07-11VN or anime first?Watch the Fate/Zero anime first, then read the VN.
t12580.22019-07-09Mahjong Gensoukyoku -General Discussion-I thought Sei Shoujo only did the art for the 2001 versions of Part 2 and 3. You're saying he also worked on the originals, huh?
t12563.122019-07-08Anime Expo 2019 Announcements!About Rance 02, I wonder if MG will translate Kai, or Kaikai (see link if you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about).
t6702.722019-07-05What's your opinion and at what age did u read?^ Yeah, I could have done without that scene as well.
t9801.962019-07-04Partial English H-patch released!You're welcome. I had fun doing it.
t9801.942019-07-04Partial English H-patch released!No, JAST did not buy my translation, but now that they're doing this, I will cease all work on the patch, for good this time. And I won't reupload
t9801.912019-07-04Partial English H-patch released!Sure thing. This link should be good for 3 weeks.
t12535.22019-06-30Remake how much is missing?It was Sayless in the lake in Mio's route. And the second time he saved her was in the desert, although that was yet to happen.
t12496.92019-06-22How the hell do i even play this game?The game is definitely worth it, so don't give up on it. Using a walkthrough, it's actually quite easy to go through it.
t12097.172019-06-21Came across a 100% translation of thisMame's art is fucking awesome, I don't care what anyone says. The only thing that would make it even better is uncensoring, which will probably
t12097.102019-06-20Came across a 100% translation of this^ Why?
t9801.882019-06-19Partial English H-patch released!I've been busy with other stuff, and I've been playing YU-NO, so... you know... If you're asking about the other group, I have no idea, but it seems
t5599.182019-06-18What will Tenco do next?Not happy about this new direction for the series, but some of the new girls look really cute. I hope someone will rip the CGs.
t12481.82019-06-18At long lastI won't be doing it, that's for sure.
t12472.62019-06-16Christianity is a theme of Dies IraeI think starting a similar thread to the one that was just locked is asking for a ban.
t12438.22019-06-14Mayumi 2 English translation?You probably know this already, but the English patch is out.
t12455.32019-06-14Possible Update from Jast coming soonSoonmaga, starring Mahou Shoujo Pretty Soon!
t12429.22019-06-07Seriously-when is this coming out?It's JAST, so probably 2025.
t12425.212019-06-07Visual *novel*?link
t12403.22019-06-01100% save fileHere's my 99% save, right before the true ending: link From the main menu, choose to continue from the last session, then open the map and load the
t7503.42019-05-27Walkthrough^ There's no need. Just pick something, reload, pick something else.
t12378.42019-05-27Ladder StructureI, for one, agree with #1. The way I see it, Ladder Structure should mean that there are 2 main storylines (the vertical parts of a ladder), with
t12362.162019-05-22English Patch@#13 Thanks.
t12362.122019-05-21English PatchJust my luck, a Mega link. I can't download from Mega. Anyone care to help me out and reupload it to Mediafire?
t12362.22019-05-21English PatchSeconded. Does this actually exist? If it's a patch, link please. If it comes already patched, hint please.
t12358.42019-05-21Spanish patch +16 instead of +18The English patch (18+ by default) includes an option to not show the H-scenes, which makes it 16+. I guess the Spanish patch is the same if it's
t12357.52019-05-20[SPOILER] Game make me sadMaybe they're just being tsundere?
t12358.22019-05-20Spanish patch +16 instead of +18There's a patch for the 18+ version, just use that one.
t12356.112019-05-20Wrong title translationHow about "The Most Messed Up Love in the World"?
t12342.122019-05-19A good eroge-RPG?How about Castle Fantasia ~Seima Taisen~ and Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~? What do you guys think about those?
t12352.22019-05-19Looking for vn game horror genrelink Use the tags to find it yourself.
t12342.92019-05-18A good eroge-RPG?@#1 Try Farland Symphony. No ero though, but quite good otherwise. And it's in English.
t12341.32019-05-17When you know what i meanSo what's the problem, exactly? The fact that they didn't translate the Latin? Or is the Latin not grammatically correct, or what?
t12327.72019-05-16My boner pierces the heavensOP is the boner of his own sword.
t12312.32019-05-10Localizing/translating Visual Novel titlesKeep the original title, so people know what to look for. For example, it took a few years before I realized that the Resort BOIN H-anime had an
t12308.22019-05-10Sequel and fandisc problems.Alternate Version then?
t265.122019-05-09Piece of wonder discussion.Sorry to be raising the dead, but I've noticed that this game has a Netorare tag of 3, but No Sexual Content. So what the hell happens? Spoil me
t9801.852019-05-08Partial English H-patch released!^ It would go a little bit faster if you'd stop translating the stuff I'm doing, and the lines between the things that look like this: */ Those
t12289.22019-05-07English Version/patchYou're just using the shitty auto translate external program.
t12282.42019-05-07scene menuIn some games, the scenes are only unlocked after you finish the game once.
t12288.22019-05-07Not having full spoken words to all the dialogue?- Are you using my H-patch, or the English Interface Patch, or are you talking about the JP version? - Did you install all the official JP patches
t12282.22019-05-06scene menuSo finish the game.
t12244.32019-04-28Walkthrough?Thanks, that's just what I needed.
t12244.12019-04-28Walkthrough?Any still available out there? I could only find dead links.
t9801.812019-04-27Partial English H-patch released!I've never used VNR, nor do I intend to, so I can't help you with that.
t9801.782019-04-26Partial English H-patch released!@#76 I'm using arc_conv + repipack for script extraction/repacking. I don't know if it's the best tool for it, but it worked for me so far. Not sure
t9801.752019-04-25Partial English H-patch released!Eiyuu Senki GOLD English H-patch 0.80b, still UNTESTED:link -fixed 1 bug in Qin Shi scene -fixed 1 bug in Ivan scene -fixed 2 bugs in Date & Himiko
t9801.712019-04-22Partial English H-patch released!I'm having some PC problems, so to prevent losing all of my work for the past 3 months, here's my English H-patch 0.80, with another 18 scenes
t12216.22019-04-19About Versions, Traits, Tags and SuggestionsI actually read this wall of text, and I have to say, the guy is right. The tags, traits, and search features are a mess, and it makes VNDB less