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r45931.12016-04-18 at 17:38tutujisiroFairy Fencer FNew release based on r45930.1
r45930.12016-04-18 at 17:35tutujisiroFairy Fencer FNew release based on r45929.1
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r45929.12016-04-18 at 17:29tutujisiroFairy Fencer F..
v19291.12016-04-18 at 17:26tutujisiroFairy Fencer Fi never played neptunia, but this game has mostly visual novel-style to tell its story. if this can't be counted as hybird, feel free to delete
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v5562.122016-04-17 at 03:22tutujisiroKoiiro Soramoyou: After Happiness and Extra Hearts..
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