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11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-Finished0/07
40-nichi 40-ya no AmeI actually can't remember why I dropped this game but there was definitely a good reason for it...well or not.Dropped0/0-
Akai MajoFinished0/0-
Anton's VacationFinished0/0-
AoishiroI didn't finish all routes because back then my laptop had some serious problems which lead to a system restore. Too bad that I forgot to save Aoishiro. I'm not sure if I'll play those routes someday but I most likely won't.Dropped0/08
A ProfileThis game was really written by looserboy? That's a lie right?Finished0/06
AyakashibitoWho came up with the idea to fuck up the ending of the true route that much?Finished0/08
Bernd und das Rätsel um UnteralterbachGame pretty much shows that's it's okay to fuck children as long as they want to fuck as well.Finished0/01
Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo-Finished0/07
Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.Finished0/03
Brass RestorationI'm not exactly sure why but somehow I'm not able to give this game a score.Finished0/0-
Canvas 2 ~Akaneiro no Palette~Go for Tomoko's route, it's the only awesome one.Finished0/08
Cartagra ~Tsuki kurui no Yamai~I really like its adult atmosphere.Finished0/08
Chain Ushinawareta AshiatoFinished0/04
Chii's Adventure!Finished0/0-
Chrono ClockFinished0/06
ClannadI watched the anime beforehand and so the game didn't have the impact it was supposed to have.Finished0/08
Crescendo ~Eien da to Omotte Ita Ano Koro~And even the music was shit =(Finished0/05
Cross†ChannelSorry but I don't get the awesomeness of this game.Finished0/06
Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-I tried three whole hours to find something like a story but it was a waste of time. The battle system was okay but probably not worth to spend more than ten hours on.Dropped0/0-
D.C. ~Da Capo~Finished0/06
D.C. II ~Da Capo II~The routes of the sisters were actually pretty good. The rest? Shit and mainly about same stuff (literally) as the prequel.Finished0/07
DeardropsThe protagonist was a complete moron. The OP and ED song were amazing though.Finished0/06
Dengeki StrykerLast route was pretty good I've to say. The rest not so much.Finished0/07
Desire DungeonNo story whatsoever BUT monster girls and grinding.Finished0/0-
Doki Doki Literature Club!Finished0/08
Don't Take it Personally, Babe, it Just ain't Your StoryWell, yeah, fuck you too.Finished0/0-
Down on the CornerFinished0/0-
Dra†KoIThe game is actually not a 7/10 but apparently I played the game at the right moment.Finished0/07
D.S. -Dal Segno-Finished0/07
Duel SaviorI only finished two and a half route and I'm not planning to play the other ones.Dropped0/07
EdelweissI played the game with mangagamer's first translation and that's pretty much the reason for its low score.Finished0/05
Edelweiss Eiden FantasiaOne of the few games where the fandisc is superior to the original game (because the translation quality of the FD was much better).Finished0/06
Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.A visual novel where nothing really major happened but it had a really good overall atmosphere.Finished0/07
ef - a fairy tale of the two.Please be strong and survive until the last chapter, believe me, it's so worth it. The game is basically all about Yuuko's story.Finished0/09
Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword-Fantasy language made my ear bleed and the battle system was totally NOT my cup of tea, unfortunately.Dropped0/0-
Eiyuu*SenkiI put something like 10 hours into this game, came quite far, but never bothered to continue.Dropped0/07
Escalation ~Kyouai no Fugue~Let's try nukige - Part 2 (this is also the last part)Finished0/02
Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-No! I didn't play the true route because the characters annoyed me like hell. And no! I won't play it even if you're asking me a shitload of times! >.<Dropped0/07
Fate/Stay NightOh Kirei. I love you~Finished0/08
Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~Finished0/06
Gesshou ~Tsuki no Terasu~Finished0/0-
Grisaia no KajitsuFinished0/08
G-senjou no MaouWhy was Non-chan's route so unbelievable weak? ='(Finished0/09
Guilty Crown Lost ChristmasFinished0/07
HanachirasuThose oversized explanation parts were a little bit annoying.Finished0/07