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t14807.182020-10-01ThirteenHappy Birthday, VNDB!
t13508.22020-02-05GuideHere is a complete guide from sagaoz. Link
t12622.12019-07-18Question Regarding the Kansen Complete+ EditionI have recently been playing the Complete+ Edition of Ball Buster. In this edition they have combined both the "The Other Aspect" and "The Chronicle
t332.342018-11-23That's about it.This game got a 5 since most of it was just plain bad writing. Hitomi's good ending, Yuki's route, and the step-mother's bloody ending redeemed the
t11310.332018-10-01We're alive!Happy 11th birthday VNDB!
t9711.452017-10-01Fuck, we're old!Happy Birthday, VNDB!