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c76729.22020-08-08 at 19:25ryukuShindou ToukiInformation taken from the demo.
v24599.72020-08-08 at 19:07ryukuTokyo Re:ConnectThe demo version has bugs, so the screenshots don't match the resolution 100%.
c92088.12020-08-08 at 18:06ryukuYamabuki RurukaInformation extracted from the demo version of the game.
c92087.12020-08-08 at 18:05ryukuKisaragi NatsukoFrom the Kickstarter page. link
c92086.12020-08-08 at 17:51ryukuIsurugi NaotoFrom the Kickstarter page. link
c92085.12020-08-08 at 17:50ryukuShindou AyaneFrom the Kickstarter page. link
c92084.12020-08-08 at 17:46ryukuKamura SakiFrom the Kickstarter page. link
c92083.12020-08-08 at 17:45ryukuKomari AyumiFrom the Kickstarter page. link
c92082.12020-08-08 at 17:43ryukuKusunose SayaFrom the Kickstarter page. link