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t12639.32019-08-16English versioni think is stuck since amaterasu dropped the translation in 2014
t5422.72019-04-30Kakyuusei 2, the Legendary ELF Game.2019 and it still remains a mistery
t7128.172018-10-22Who do you like better?Setsuna of course, poor girl, somehow she overcame that traumatic NTR experience with snow in the airport
t8926.72017-03-09Komine Sachi character profile checklist#5 once i thought i over analyzed things... then i saw your wall text and i feel more calmer now
t8926.32017-03-09Komine Sachi character profile checklist#2 i too played grisaia first and clannad later, but the anime after story picked my interest in the vn world several years ago :)
t8926.12017-03-08Komine Sachi character profile checklistKomine Sachi: Chilhood friend of the main character : check Is in love since chilhood with the MC : check Parents died in a Tragic Accidents
t7688.62016-08-06kill meso... this kind of thing really existed... i'm lost in the dark side of the internet
t7572.12016-03-22HazukiBest girl by far, she really deserves a proper route
t7470.12016-02-16Tojiko!Tojiko broke my heart :(
t5884.52015-11-29English Translation (Online)Thank you zakobot
t6974.12015-10-01the longest VN everIt seems this is the longest VN ever writen according to link
t6970.12015-09-30Kagami Sumika (Spoiler)I just can't think of any other character in any media,(VN, anime, books, sci fi, TV, manga etc...) that suffers the worst torture/humilliation than