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t17648.42022-01-15Why was this removed?It is not though? As far as I know it is a port of the PS2 version, which is a 15+ edit of the original + added routes.
t17648.22022-01-15Why was this removed?Why not try reading the deletion message?
t17523.162022-01-14rejected by steamNobody was talking about the Japanese (or Korean) version though? The implication was that one cannot guess what kind and how much of censorship they
t17635.22022-01-12Is there a way to filter tags?Visual novels -> Tags -> select tag you do not want to see -> press invert
t17634.22022-01-12Shinri as a protagonist.Yes he is really that good - proactive, funny. Voiced as well, so that gives him a ton of character. The best part about this game to be honest, the
t17633.52022-01-12Not a VNIts an RPGmaker game with 0 narration. That is pretty far away from a VN if you ask me.
t8242.9162022-01-10The how to edit threadThis hypothetical case is no different from what #912 pointed at, so my answer stays the same - mark as "Death" and add a comment to description if
t8242.9132022-01-10The how to edit threadI could actually see the "Avoidable death" trait being used in this case but for completely different reason. The heroines death (iirc) is only shown
t8242.9102022-01-10The how to edit threadI would say if the heroine always dies in the original game and always lives in the FD, she should not have the "Avoidable death" trait as there is
w3477.42022-01-09Kin'iro LovericheGod forbid the heroine ever interacts with anyone other than the MC.
t17589.502022-01-08Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi#49 And how would they access said patch? Where would they buy it if not on Steam? As far as I know Steam is still the most accessible marketplace
t17589.482022-01-08Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi#47 What patch are you even talking about? The message is just a translation of #37, so nothing new. But at least folks can read it themselves now
t17589.462022-01-08Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi"Laplacian could've easily built a separate 18+ version released on other platforms incompatible with the Steam version; instead they went and
t17589.432022-01-08Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi#42 I mean I played the game as well, and I am pretty damn sure the changes would affect me liking Case-1 in exactly the same way Ono himself
t17589.382022-01-07Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi#37 Will take a proper read once I have more time, but just running over it quickly - yeah, they are fucking scared after Amatsutsumi got banned from
t17604.42022-01-06Hide blacklisted VNs by defaultYou only have to do it once though. After you set up the default query the site will use it for most lookups. Not saying it would not be a good idea
t17604.22022-01-06Hide blacklisted VNs by defaultI know this is not done by default site-wide, but you can do that for your personal default query already.
t17589.152022-01-05Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiTurns out, it very much is censorship just for the English release. Just compare case 1 descriptions for jp and en versions of the site. Nowhere does
t17589.42022-01-04Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiGuess its not enough for them that case 0 sucks, they need to kill the good parts of the game as well (case 1 and 3). Well I for one am glad I got to
t10302.3782021-12-31Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread900 games in a year and a half? Somehow I find myself doubting that
t17555.152021-12-29Did the OP have to slap this hard?Should probably move it into general discussions tho
w3384.102021-12-27Neko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!@9 I mean, the part the in the brackets is just my own interpretation of the target audience. Maybe there is more, but that is the feeling I got
w3384.82021-12-27Neko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!@7 What is wrong with rating it a 3 (or lower) if the game is just for a specific audience (= folks who want to fuck actual cats but in human bodies
w3384.22021-12-24Neko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!Finally someone that is not scared to say the truth!
t17258.302021-12-23Why no friend/following system?Oh no, now I can never be an online personality best known for consuming large amounts of porn.
t17485.72021-12-19English release this year?!I guess those people see glaring plot holes, drama for the sake of drama, last minute convoluted info dumps to tie up nearly forgotten plot lines and
t17485.52021-12-19English release this year?!Too bad you wont be able to even read a good story with this game anyway Though I do wonder how they will make it into all ages. There are plenty of
t3314.27492021-12-12TraitsHaving the trait be a child of both "virgin sex" and "not a virgin" seems wrong if the trait is supposed to be used only for non-sexual intercourse
t17411.252021-12-09Replay value?You can unlock all of them in a few playthroughs even without save scumming. Just buy those units you already can and are in the key pool and you
t17411.232021-12-09Replay value?Nah, you dont need thanatos to unlock all tactica, very hard is enough. More than enough actually. And you dont even need the tactica for the highest
t17411.212021-12-08Replay value?Note that the zipped pdfs from the VB discord are not accurate either. In the meantime the jp community got a VBHI wiki up an running so you can use
t17454.22021-12-04Crashingiirc I was running into some crashes back when I played it as well and got it solved not only by using a Japanese locale but also either switching to
t7442.8792021-12-02Game inclusion in the DB#878 d2#1
t17419.52021-11-27Title CorrectionsHere we go again
t17411.102021-11-26Replay value?Yeah, I was wondering how you managed to get all units since not all can be recruited right at the start. But even with being limited to demi-humans
t17411.72021-11-26Replay value?#6 Its more about knowing what combination of units and skills is good and building toward it rather than understanding how the gameplay works. Even
t17411.52021-11-26Replay value?"On another note, I've gotten the game and started playing on Hard seems that this difficulty isn't really designed for the first
t17411.22021-11-25Replay value?"I haven't played any Venus Blood games, but judging by ratings it should be a nice starting point." If you want to play and English release then I
t17383.52021-11-21Restore request: Why was this removed?"Reading through the thread, Ileca had no intent to respond to any actual criticism of the change beyond making fun of anyone who didn't accept it as
t17366.432021-11-20Just why?Too bad you are only serious about complaining. Else you would stop wasting energy discussing a topic the mods already said they wont do a thing
t17358.222021-11-20What are the most common errors of Deepl(MTL)?#21 I very much doubt you read 5 Eushully games if you did not notice a single time that characters in the games that get corrupted by supernatural
t16054.2162021-11-20Reporting MTL releasesI remember seeing one case of a regular user reverting a release to a previous revision without the MTL flag, so its not like it could not be
t17358.202021-11-20What are the most common errors of Deepl(MTL)?#17 Looking at your list of finished games, I see Amayui. So that makes you a liar one way or the other, since the game definitely had swap into
t2108.43942021-11-19Candidates for deletion#4393 Definitely not saying all of them should be merged, and I have yet to play Genrin 1 and 2 so I would not know it makes sense for those
t2108.43912021-11-18Candidates for deletionWhile working on populating characters for Ikusa Megami 2 I noticed that a lot of the main/side characters shared between Verita, Zero and/or Genrin
t17366.102021-11-18Just why?"Unless you are mentally very different from others (most likely due to some psychological issues), then your taste would be close to that of other
t2108.43782021-11-16Candidates for deletionYou are filtering for English not-yet-released releases. Makes sense you only find 3
t2108.42862021-11-14Candidates for deletion"Highlighting the mod's ignorance as a result. You don't have to worry about the mistake, that will be corrected soon." I find it hard to blame the
t2108.42752021-11-14Candidates for deletionFrom the actual official page of Chronicles 4: ラスト・ダイバーズ『マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ クロニクルズ 01』に収録された『チキン・ダイバーズ』の続編。 Though I guess its entirely possible age