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t11601.22019-03-14[spoiler] Best CoupleYuna & Ano
t7475.82019-03-14Do choices matter?Which means you can't choose between Hina and Ano, and that totally suck! (yes I'm ranting)
t10732.12018-05-31Azusa is amazing!!! (SPOILERS!!!)I'm in Renna's route, haven't finished her route yet, however I was sweep off my feet by Azusa! She stole the spotlight in the route! What an
t10526.92018-05-08Is this similar to Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road?I finished my first playthrough for Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (Tsujidou's route) and started to play Majikoi but... MAJIKOI IS MAKING ME FEEL REAL
t10526.72018-04-25Is this similar to Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road?Thanks for your replies, they were very helpful. They were also very different, which is also good. I guess it's mainly based on each people's tastes
t10526.12018-04-25Is this similar to Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road?I'm playing Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road right now, and I'm really enjoying it. So I was thinking about giving Majikoi a go when I finish. However I
t10156.42018-01-16Convince me to play this againthanks for the replies, I just notice I post in the wrong thread, I was refering to Kara no Shoujo but the first VN not the second. I don't really
t10156.12018-01-15Convince me to play this againI played this VN a couple of years ago. I managed to get to the normal ending (I think) without a walkthrough (also some game overs that were
t8919.92018-01-06If RoutesYou are missing a lot if you don't play the if Routes. The game actually encourage and rewards you to do so. There are some characters like Akihime
t8684.92018-01-06This game would be perfect, if not...I don't know what you are talking about when saying that it leaves you vulnerable to anemy country attacks. If none of your characters gets KO in the
t2002.162017-01-05VNs like Divi-DeadThanks for the recommendation pabloc. I'll play Hotaruko as soon as I finish to replay Divi-Dead (in japanese). Forgot to mention that another thing
t2002.142017-01-03VNs like Divi-DeadSo, the fact that this question hasn't beeing properly answered till now means that there is no VN like Divi-Dead? I also have being searching for a this brings back memoriesFor all the people that are searching something similar (and I know there are a lot of people like that) I have a recommendation. But first let me
t439.32016-11-27Tokimeki Memorial 4 localization campaignToo bad, but this probably never will be released outside japan. But maybe steam will do it someday. Personally a LOVE this game. I'm playing it in
t2713.12012-05-17How to change the language?When I joined the default language was english, however a while ago a portion in the site is in spanish. I was looking for an option in my
t2054.42011-10-26The Ending (MEGA SPOILERS!)You are both wrong, Alternative is just an introduction to Alter Fable, just like Extra and Unlimited were for Alternative. Altered Fable is the real
t1251.252011-10-26Is there a need to read the parent story?In quantum physics everything might be posible, time loops and paralel worlds are considered quiet posible. The whole Quantum Physic world is based
t2053.142011-09-21VN List questionThanks for the answers. Now I have a better idea of what should I consider "finished", but I guess it depends on every person.
t2053.12011-09-15VN List questionI have a quick question. What's the meaning of "finished" in the VN List As a lot of visual novels have multiple branches and routes. You put
t448.52011-09-15Why is the first part called "Extra" ?I thought that was the case too, but now that I'm playing MuvLuv Alternative. I realise that there are parts in Extra, that are really important in
t448.32011-09-14Why is the first part called "Extra" ?masschaos I think you are probably right. It's incredible if Air make a whole game just to set the right mood for Unlimited. It's like Extra is a
t1369.42011-07-06Divi-Dead MapIt's actually a good VN storywise. The gameplay and translation are not good, but the story is really complex and interesting. If you are in the mood