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w1279.92021-01-12Haha RanmanShe doesn't wear glasses in her sex scenes and uses glasses to hide her identity, therefore making her likable.
w1279.22021-01-02Haha RanmanI followed that guide to get a grip of the game but I still somehow fucked up even though I've followed everything thoroughly, which is still a
w1277.42021-01-01Hinasawa Tomoka no Zettai Joousei#3 Indeed, SoL and student council shenanigans that one could care about or not. The whole setting between Tomoka and the MC is explained through
w1277.22021-01-01Hinasawa Tomoka no Zettai JoouseiSame as Fault or Nekopara only a small portion of the sex scenes is animated, that does not mean they aren't though. I'd still call it relevant as
w1229.72020-12-28Teakamamire no Tenshi#6 It's a casting couch genre of nukige. Blackmail? Sure, could somehow fit. But I don't see why the NTR would fit as she doesn't have a boyfriend
w1229.22020-12-26Teakamamire no TenshiYou missed the entire point of this visual novel. Did you read it with MTL? Did you skip through the whole plot? What happened?
t12190.32020-12-23How hard is it?The japanese in Tsui no Sora isn't difficult at all, however since we don't know your level it's easier to check for yourself. I wouldn't say
t15204.22020-12-19favorite heroineHazuki ftw.
t2108.34502020-12-04Candidates for deletion#3449 Well, true. Some informations are still obsolete though, if anyone is going to edit it. Edit : after looking through the videos of the trial (l
t2108.34482020-12-04Candidates for deletionIt seems like link has been added once again in the database despite the project being unheard of since 2014 and the trial version revoked, as well
t15100.162020-12-02so, we riot bois#15 She also needs to spend time reviewing and correcting future figure releases. There are currently 12 unreleased Nekopara scales so yeah...She's a
t15100.132020-12-02so, we riot bois#10 Sayori is working on a new visual novel title though...I doubt she'll get less busy as she has just founded a new figure maker company as well
t15100.92020-12-02so, we riot boisFraise and Shigure duo for the next volume probably. At least Shigure is confirmed for the next 2023?
t15106.42020-12-02Yuzucurse strikes again.There was an interesting thread on Natsuzora Kanata where people were debating if Yuzusoft lost their soul after that game or rather started
t12588.162020-11-26If the sister doesn't win we riotThe answer will be revealed soon, bros...