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t12753.92019-08-21How do you guys feel about the JVN industry?Someone posted a scenario writer's insight into the VN industry a while back. Check it out through this thread. link
t12422.22019-06-07Freaking stuckHave you tried link?
t12229.22019-04-24Essay of a VN writerThis is some super interesting stuff. My favorite part so far is when he describes a scenario in which he has to rewrite the script because the
t11832.12019-01-20The ratings were good, but..There are so many faults with this VN. The most glaring is probably that it is really insulting to read. Anyone with a working short term memory and
t8144.192018-07-17Rondo Duo -GD-This game went above and beyond what everybody said about it here. And it's in freaking flash!!!
t10887.112018-07-06visual novel for those learning Japanese?#2 says it best when the best choice is the one you like. The way I got serious with learning Japanese was when I was reading the 80% patch of
t10159.152018-04-14Opinion on spoilerOk, I did some more searching and from what these guys are saying in the comments here , it's not in the actual story itself. Also, the guide on
t10159.142018-04-14Opinion on spoiler#8 I looked in the cgs too after finishing her route and was like wtf is this cg? Are they actually trolling us or am I missing something somewhere?
t9561.112018-02-23This game is ridiculousI finished the game, and this should definitely have a genre shift tag. The intro is completely different from the rest of the game, content wise
t9561.92018-02-18This game is ridiculousI'm like 3 hours in and I love it. I think it's great if you don't focus too heavily on the plot, but rather the memes and jokes
t10234.12018-02-04Asuka route, Himawari as a wholeAs of the time I am writing this, I have not yet finished Asuka's route. And there is a not so good reason for that: I ended up reading all the
t9540.82017-10-10What to expect?@6 Brings up some good points, mainly that there is very little Denpa compared to SubaHibi. and also that this VN is super thematic. Kind of
t8308.22017-06-04Island Review and GDFantastic review to a fantastic VN. I agree with you on all your points. I knew nothing coming into this, and oh man I was blown away again and
t9027.82017-04-16After reading Shirone's routeYea I'd say they had a good time together. There's a fair bit of happily living together day to day scenes, however there's also a fair bit of
t9027.62017-04-15After reading Shirone's routeThe writing is pretty contrived, especially the amnesia part as Kiru said. A lot of the conflict just seems like really dumb melodrama to me. So much
t9027.12017-04-04After reading Shirone's routeHonestly, what was I even expecting... They aren't going to let it end like that. It's a Minori game; it has to end like THAT.
t1945.112017-03-10routes to do in order?@Op, don't listen to #10. Lise and Fal's routes are integral to understanding the rest of the story. I would go so far as to say they are like half
t8771.32017-02-02Quintessential VN'sThere are too many to suggest, but this list covers some unique VN's. link? Don't know much about the untranslated ones, but having read link and l
t8692.22017-01-15Character(s) appreciationAlso wow, that character Nagayama-san. Why am I appending the "san" suffix? Cause it just feels fitting. She irritated me a lot at first. To me she
t8692.12017-01-15Character(s) appreciationI just finished the game and I had to spew my thoughts about Thomas, the "insect-like" gaijin character. Was he anyone else's favorite character
t6390.62016-11-22Need Help with understanding the story@2 Just finished the game and I really agree with your interpretation. Also, I believe the scene in which the plot is revealed is The scene in
t5904.612016-04-12Cartagra -GD-Just finished, and wow the ending was so crazy! The plot was progressing so smoothly and suddenly plunged into madness! Great VN!!
t5219.262016-03-08Arietta's Last Letter *spoilers*This is really a great thread. I loved reading the OP's thoughts throughout this amazing VN :)