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t12328.92022-06-23[SPOILERS] Questions left unansweredExcuse me - Sayuris' corpse? Can somebody explain why the hell was it there? That whole room plot was more or less pointless, wasn't it? It did not
t11447.12018-10-30WalkthorughCan somebody point me to FULL walkthorugh? With all the bad, normal and true ends? I want to clear all the endings. Even in japanesse would be fine
t9164.12017-05-07Tanaka RomeoAnybody knows what was his involvement in this? Original concept/planning is a bit vague, escpecially that Nakazawa Takumi has the same traits
t9148.102017-05-04I just dropped it and rated it 3 - Bad, here's whyGood thread, gave me good laughs. xD
t8377.142017-02-20This VN isn't even good (spoilers)Keep your opinion to yourself. You can express it, but not impose this on people around you. Entartainment could mean basically anything. I'm
t4455.82017-02-20the relationship chart..and because of that it shouldn't even be in the screenshots. It's very misleading.
t8751.32017-01-29Non spoiler opinions in one sentenceYou have no idea. I finished Hoshimemo 13 months ago and I still cringe at almost every 'oniichan' in every vn.
t8748.12017-01-28Description? Grades?Pretty please? Who is that dark haired ohime sama hairstyled beauty? And what is that Momoyo route? And why grades here are so... all over the place
t8650.82017-01-07To split, or not to split?If you want to send notifications to people, please do it twice - one few weeks before deleting, to make time to read it and 'save' their vote, and
t8650.52017-01-06To split, or not to split?I'm with you on this, we should split it. Perfect solution will be probably the a) one. There is ONLY 745 votes right now, compared to previous
t8487.92016-11-2718+ Patch is out...and a couple (literally few, like between 3 to 6 n Muv Luv, and probably something around that in Alternative) of completly new CGs in scenes
t8488.12016-11-26How long it is?As in title. Both parts. ;)
t8487.52016-11-2618+ Patch is outNo art has been redrawn. Some editing with translations of texts in CGs, or delicate tweaking of background, but nothing more. H scenes still even
t3240.82016-09-29(Spoilers) About Mai...Thanks for that answer, but... still. WHAT. THE. FUCK. If she really wanted to kill herself then according to you, her make-wish-come-true power
t8119.22016-08-29Fata morgana no Yakata -GD-When I hear about 'queer fiction' I can't not think about pretentious hammering of LGBT supremacy. So voted for no. FataMorgana was beautiful and
t8151.32016-08-24Hakoniwa no GakuenThank you!
t8151.12016-08-17Hakoniwa no GakuenYou seems to be a reasonable man, your answers for S;G0 thread were really grounded. So I wonder why did you gave Hakoniwa no Gakuen such a low
t7493.22016-07-31flowers1 trial fansubbed + some of flowers2Thank you, good job! :)
t7939.12016-06-19Owarinaki Nasu same setting as MuvLuv Alt?How?
t4941.62016-06-06Miou end / clarification (spoilers)I will just put my sexist 50cents here and say that I reallz like Looseboy approach. Like mother - like daughter. If you want to know the girl, meet
t5085.1182016-05-24I/O General Discussion ThreadAre those translated fanbook fragments still avaiable anywhere? Would be nice to read them, cause I only see people here asking questions I would
t7832.42016-05-18I can't see the one vote this VN 2/10Wasn't it this dude? link
t7814.42016-05-10Muv Luv Alternative-ChoicesThere are any choices besides which girl to talk to, around the middle of the story? I don't remember any.
t7780.42016-05-05Best RouteVote for Kanae, but evil route is much better than the good one. :P But good one still beats everything else, so Kanae FTW. ;) But going with worst
t7738.12016-04-27Kohaku/Hisui Age.In realtion to Shiki, Akiha and Ciel. Anybody have any idea? Who is older, who is younger and how much?
t2061.132016-04-14Son of the sun staffIs it dead?
t5904.592016-04-09Cartagra -GD-I went to youtube wrote 'cartagra part 1' and found it. After 16 minutes of game you get your first date, first day of 'investigation', 6th day of really similar to sharin no kuniAgree. Sharin no Kuni was a horrible, really dumb drama with horrible pacing stupid events and characters, and Grisaia is...the same.
t7618.42016-04-04WalkthroughGare, one of the translators, just posted walkthrough in english.:) link
t7618.22016-04-03WalkthroughIn japanese, yes. You can paste that link in google translator, and because it's not a complicated system, you should be fine with understanding what
t7047.32016-03-23Question (care, spoilers)Bump with my own question. Please, try spoil as little as you can, but obviously my question demands some spoilers. So - how the hell are
t7357.252016-03-20Just a warningFirst of all, there is not even a one conversation. Protagonists is not never saying any word, only She is speaking. And it's not like he's mute
t7309.82016-03-04New Baldr game by Hiei#6 Baldr games are separate things, like Final Fantasy series. But it's always good to know predecessors, right?
t6954.1442016-02-27Muv Luv KicstarterI found video from PS3 version of MuvLuv Extra, with cropped ratio. link And sometimes it looks bad. Not CGs, but how sprites are centered, half of
t6954.1402016-02-26Muv Luv KicstarterIn locations it looks nice, but when it comes to CGs... Look at those examples from Sharin no Kuni: 1) link 2) link 3) link 4) link
t6954.1382016-02-25Muv Luv KicstarterUgh, forgot about that... I hate when they crop up and bottom of screen to fit the 16:9. So is like counter improvement for me. Cinematic subtitles
t6954.1362016-02-24Muv Luv KicstarterMLA didn't had an much improved graphics from MLE, as far as I remember. Lip sync and few little 'touches', but nothing majorily 'improved'.
t7470.32016-02-16Tojiko!Meh. Tojiko was awesome character, but her fate was so hardly foreshadowed, that it failed to 'blow me away'.
t7395.12016-01-21How long it is?I read that is one of the longest VNs ever, so how it is? In Comparission to Muv Luv Alternative, or Umineko series?
t6954.1162016-01-07Muv Luv Kicstarter#112 - Still now idea how it is supposed to work, what premise, anything? :P #113 - Look how good is Muv Luv Alternative ranked here on vndb and now
t7352.12016-01-07All Ages.Hello folks. Do you have a knowledge how "Chomp" and Sumikas' recollection scenes look like in all ages version? And are there any other
t6954.1112016-01-05Muv Luv Kicstarter#107 - Excuse me, but what is a KimiMuv?
t7299.172015-12-30Why are alot of visual novels eroge?@14 You're serious? Talking about realism in western media, and how unrealistic are stories without sex, but praise sex scenes in VNs? I'm sorry, but
t7322.122015-12-30are visual novels coming to steam a good thing?Totally agree with harag. He said everything what was to say.
t3473.552015-12-29Favorite Route Voting PollAsuho Character - 4.5/10 Route - 3/10 Isuzu Charatcer - 5/10 Route - 3.5/10 Chinami Character - 1.5/10 Route - 4.5/10 Komomo Character - 6/10 Route
t7311.12015-12-26ChinamiDoes Chinami here have her mini-route? And if she does, is this a continuation of her route from main game? And if it is... then question. Shino
t7238.12015-12-08Are there any pre-premiere reviews to VNs?As in title. Computer games, movies, tv-series, even books, all have a media coverage and official reviews before premieres. Is it the same with VNs
t7236.12015-12-07Without animeIs it possible to understand and enjoy this title without watching anime first?
t7198.62015-12-05this game is comedy goldYes, thank you #5! I hate her sooo much that her doggy ending was one of the most satisfactory things I ever seen in VNs. And that's why her route