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t18205.82022-05-10Favorite route in the new remake?Unfortunately, Misa breaks up with this protagonist and ends up with the other one, kinda ruined it for me.
t17494.282021-12-17will there be a restoration patch?#25 If the kickstarter is for rewrite+, then i expect the game to have at least the same content, creator vision should not even come in discussion
t17494.152021-12-17will there be a restoration patch?Why can't they both release on steam with the necessary censoring and in another storefront with the original one?
t16880.32021-08-25Regarding the utsuge taglol just noticed that literally everyone dies in this game. Hard pass for me.
t16880.12021-08-25Regarding the utsuge tagDoes it only apply to the true end or also to the heroine routes? To which degree? Buying the game is dependent on that tag, don't want to play to
t16817.32021-08-16pregnant wives cg?I suppose it's an DLC? At least it was the case for the first game.
t16768.52021-08-08Otakon 2021 AnnouncementsWould rather see Sex Open World or Dreamers 2 from Moonstone. Can't say much about Novectacle, dont like the art. Nukige wise i don't like the clock
t16185.32021-06-04Route??Btw, i would leave Underworld Harem End for last. Its the most complete route.
t15635.642021-05-09Amayui castle meister TranslationWhile i also dont like mtl, the point of vndb is to have all information regarding visual novels listed and a mtl vn falls under that category, just
t15635.172021-05-08Amayui castle meister TranslationEven if its machine tanslated there are still people who want to read it and they probably would not mind it. If there is releases type under partial
t15908.32021-04-23Can I post controversial topics here?Harm him how? Emotionally?(lol) That sounds dumb. Anyway as long as u can differentiate between reality and fiction, i dont think theres a problem
t15121.12020-12-02Alex wivescan someone tell me all the girls Alex is going to marry? Thanks
t12411.22019-06-03Racism in the translation.Call the moral police.