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t12704.22019-09-09Yuki has Yuri Kagami's bathroomAnd she lives with Yui Kamikita.
t12703.22019-09-09Does Yui live with the Onodas?And the Sasaharas live with them, too. And the Kousakas.
t10311.22019-09-06Questions for the creators and artistWhat do Ren and Ryouko's classmates look like? What exactly do the books in Yuri and Ren's living room contain? Where is the game set? If it's in
t12706.12019-08-07The game's living room.So the Onodas, the Kousaka siblings, Aya Sasahara and Yui Kamikita all share a living room?
t12705.12019-08-07The Kousakas have the Onodas' bedroomsKyosuke has the exact same bedroom as Takashi Kousaka. What are the odds? And Natsuki apparently shares a bedroom with Ami Onoda.
t12704.12019-08-07Yuki has Yuri Kagami's bathroomEither that or she lives with Yuri Kagami, and teaches in Ryouko Tendou's school.
t12703.12019-08-07Does Yui live with the Onodas?So does Yui live with the Onodas? Her living room is exactly the same one as Hitomi Onoda's.
t12151.12019-04-05I like this Noriko character.She's like a female Ikarudo.
t10311.12018-03-01Questions for the creators and artistDoes Yuri have regular customers in her cafe? Does Yuri plan for her daughter to take over the cafe? Does Ren go to a mixed or a girls' school? I
t6340.32016-10-31100%I guess the link doesn't work on PCs.
t7489.12016-02-22Three adorable heroines?Where's the third? Also, doesn't this present kind of a double standard? A protagonist of a visual novel can mess around with as many women as he
t7445.12016-02-06What's up with them lately?I haven't seen any news about this company in a year or so. What's been going on with them?
t7342.32016-01-07Need help translating this pictureAh, thanks! That was very useful.
t7342.12016-01-03Need help translating this picturelink Does anyone understand what exactly is being said here?
t7167.52015-12-05What is with Ren's characterisation?Still, it hasn't stopped me from drawing her, even animating her. link The expression and pose range on eroge characters is so limited.
t7167.42015-11-24What is with Ren's characterisation?Realism. It is gross that some people have that view of sex in real life. I pitched an idea for an animated film to my University recently which
t7167.12015-11-23What is with Ren's characterisation?If she knows that her mother is having sex with her childhood friend, how can she be OK with it? Realistically, she'd be disgusted!
t525.32015-11-14About the game **Spoiler Alert**That is one messed up plot.
t7113.12015-11-07Now, I haven't played the gameNor do I even like the sound of it, but it has some of the best character designs I've seen in a visual novel. The colour palettes are really