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t14452.22020-08-03Concerning Kurusu Nono.Yes the vndb page of nono is however a instance of senri so from what i understand it shouldn't be take as the real nono kurusu page. Maybe creating
t13672.62020-03-16What to expect. Mini-review (no major spoilers)VNR is a good substitution over learning japanese ? i planned to try the japanese but not yet
t13672.22020-03-15What to expect. Mini-review (no major spoilers)there was a methode for read this with a machine translation ?
t12907.82019-10-22AI: The Somnium Files -GD-are you sure it's fair to consider AI like a visual novel ? I have the impression it's the same case like Zero time dilemma
t11312.162019-08-04What is this true ending ??? (SPOILERS)I hope you have replay the entire novel, because you have missed the whole point. :(
t11738.62019-07-31Change of an official translation?I hope JAST consider the possibility one day, i'm not motivate to learn japanese only for muramasa. :|