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t9801.872019-06-19Partial English H-patch released!Any chance to finish the patch still this year?
t5599.212019-06-19What will Tenco do next?This is so disappointing... Even in the world of disappointments, this is a true letdown. RIP Tenco
t950.5622019-06-03VNDB Suggestions!#560 Execellent suggestion! I'd like to avoid the mediocre TL of some translator(s)
t6458.1152019-06-01Changing Username?Could you change my name to "Dio"?
t10975.192019-04-10Zanki Zero Review#18 And the people that support it!
t10975.172019-04-10Zanki Zero ReviewStop relativizing censorship... The fact that there is no +18 content and yet they censored it, just make it even worse.
t12017.92019-03-07Dies Irae offends ChristianityBait thread?
t11956.52019-02-22Wait...what?Edited Fan-translation... Why Am I Not Surprised? F ck JAST :)
t9801.152019-01-09Partial English H-patch released!C'mon Surferdude I thought you was better than this.... Look: Thank you surferdude , you're my hero !!! I posted this one year ago, and I really
t11734.22018-12-29Is this full?Did you have any extra patches or updates installed over the translation patch? is there a folder called "Rio" in the game's folder? Anything in
t11619.52018-12-12DLC ContentThe answer is No, it's not included. I should have known better.
t11619.12018-12-09DLC ContentThe English Adult version of Maitetsu contains all the h-scenes released through DLC in the Japanese version???
t11498.22018-11-10No Sexual Content Tag, Potential Spoilerhere we go...
t11467.32018-11-02Abortion in vn?Kara no Shoujo?? link
t11435.102018-11-01Has it an Harem Ending?I called it Nukige because I think the sexual content is the only reason that someone would play it , don't you agree?! Or did someone here saw this
t11435.72018-11-01Has it an Harem Ending?#6 WTF? You Fool!!! you can't be serious. Harem ending is Justice!!! Besides , we're talking about a nukige here. Generic stories with Generic
t11435.52018-11-01Has it an Harem Ending?@4 What is stupid imo. This should have only one ending (Harem Ending). I mean this is basically a Harem nukige that doesn't have a harem ending
t11435.32018-11-01Has it an Harem Ending?No. :(
t11449.12018-10-30No 16:9?Despite the informations here , the highest resolution available in Window mode is 1024x680 ??? (*black-borders in Fullscreen mode). There is no
t11376.32018-10-14NTR?@2 Are you that Maggot Baits is about "girls dying in gruesome ways" ?? Correct me if I am wrong , but there just some few Guro scenes I think
t11281.12018-09-26[Spoilers] About SachieIn the end Sachie was just a dumb woman that was trying to stole the fortune of Mamiya familly?? When the familly tortured her, they asked: "Who
t11277.32018-09-25the scenesWhy Alice soft refuses to voice Rance series anyway? save up money?
t11164.42018-09-03A new tool for non-japanese reader !I'm sure that SakuraGames will make good use of it.
t11055.22018-08-13Sekai Project Lays off StaffTell me that this is the end of Scam Project !?!? It would be a dream coming true. ^^
t10246.232018-07-22Rape and Group Sex? It occurs in the Chapter 5 , Also , I forgot to say that all this happen in public , during a festival with a group of people watching the whole
t10246.212018-07-22Rape and Group Sex?@20 it's unavoidable ... Aster transform into a monster and "Rape" Ramius because of a "Ritual" (They need to capture a specific monster ). You can
t7581.1972018-06-30English localization by Sekai ProjectAnother Visual Novel ruined by Sekai Project , nothing new under the sun.
t9795.142018-06-29Translation patch for PC?PC english patch in July or August?? any chance?
t10672.162018-05-29Did the translation die?What a briliant sugestion , How come we have not thought about this before? All we need to do is learn japanese!! Tell JAST , MG and all the other
t10672.112018-05-29Did the translation die?Earlier like 2028 ? sounds about right !
t10672.82018-05-29Did the translation die?Thanks Jast , we really appreciate that!
t10420.252018-05-13Translation after Dies Irae?No , that's why Kajiri Kamui Kagura will not be fan-translated.
t10600.42018-05-07one thing mangagamer should learnVN on steam was a mistake , this is what everyone should learn , deal with it !
t10601.22018-05-07Full Uncensored English versionDude you are all over the place with these posts and threads , take it easy !
t10578.212018-05-06Boring...Wow , I think that's the first thread where someone said "This VN suck " and everyone else agreed. MML must be really awful then , I'll stay away
t10385.252018-04-08Retranslation Patch Released!@24 People don't need excuses to pirated , we're not in a court of law , even if someone pirated you will never know and It's not of your business
t9902.412018-03-25Another butchered game?#39 Your brilliant mind is too precious for this dumb site , please stop and go home.
t10319.52018-03-04If you like lolis...Nukige + Loli Only + 1920x1080 = shut up and take my money !!! How's come this hasn't been localized yet? I would love to see SP making an all-ages
t10312.32018-03-01More Kyonyuu Fantasy@2 shall I introduce you to Type-Moon?
t10233.32018-02-23Amantes or Fabula? or both?Download a 100% save file for Amantes Amentes and read the extra stories?
t10219.52018-02-06where are you?Superelmo you're too precious for this world !!!
t7581.1232018-02-03English localization by Sekai ProjectStalled and Delayed projects , what a great :) Scum Project at it's finest! They might be waiting so they can port the PS4 version.Why waste time
t10170.102018-01-21the wrong oneHigh level of masochism? read this kind of stuff inflict so much pain on you? I think you mean sadism , isn't? Although, use such a words to describe
t10170.32018-01-20the wrong onehere we have the best 2018(?) release , what's the problem with it ? did you guys haven't enough of japanese teenagers on high school falling in love
t4903.72018-01-20Something I don't get about this.pff... you can't be serious , right?
t10158.52018-01-19Avoidable Sexual Content??What??? I said It's a shame because the sexual content is low , I think it should have a lot more sexual content to make this chunni visual novel (30
t10158.32018-01-15Avoidable Sexual Content??I see as expected from low sexual content , you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of h-scenes , what a shame :[ Thanks for the answer
t10158.12018-01-15Avoidable Sexual Content??Apparently you can choose which scenes from the story-line you want to see, from different points of view (Haruto , Senri, etc...) my question is
t9801.92017-12-22Partial English H-patch released!Try this link: link
t9902.272017-12-18Another butchered game?You don't care , but we do ! It's not about the number of h-scenes or the impact their have in the story , I'm not a 12 years old french girl , if