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c11636.42018-12-01 at 11:40velociraptorSouma NozomiChanged the name which was written wrongly as Megumi to Nozomi.
c2331.112016-05-08 at 09:22velociraptorToujou Hazukiadded trait
c2332.82016-05-08 at 09:21velociraptorKayama Chigusaadded trait
c2330.92016-05-08 at 09:20velociraptorToujou Kaoruadded trait
c3106.302016-05-01 at 21:02velociraptorKitamikado Ayakaadded a major spoiler
c3105.282016-05-01 at 21:01velociraptorKitamikado Ritsukoadded a major spoiler
c3105.272016-05-01 at 21:00velociraptorKitamikado Ritsukoadded a major spoiler
c30744.132016-05-01 at 20:59velociraptorKitamikado Misakoadded a major spoiler
c14426.82016-04-19 at 14:25velociraptorTakayashiki Aobaadded info
c34781.32016-04-06 at 08:31velociraptorTakahashi Ichikaadded traits
c34782.32016-04-06 at 08:24velociraptorTakahashi MitsukiAdded traits
c34783.32016-04-06 at 08:08velociraptorSatou Kanonadded traits
c33297.42016-03-04 at 14:08velociraptorEitaroadded traits
c30843.52016-03-04 at 12:38velociraptorRousenin Mitsukoadded trait
c577.542016-02-22 at 12:22velociraptorIrisu MakinaAdded father complex and brother complex as she calls Yuji both papa and oniichan.
c3590.162016-02-19 at 07:35velociraptorFukamori Arataadded traits
c3591.182016-02-19 at 07:33velociraptorChris Northfieldadded traits
c27721.22016-02-18 at 15:01velociraptorKirishima SasamiAdded sexual traits
c27720.22016-02-18 at 14:50velociraptorKirishima RinneAdded sexual traits
c27718.32016-02-18 at 14:40velociraptorKirishima RikkaRemoved not a virgin tag.
c6498.252016-02-13 at 20:03velociraptorOkabe Rintarouadded a few traits
c6493.152016-02-13 at 19:59velociraptorHashida ItaruAdded a few traits
c932.182016-02-12 at 06:43velociraptorAl AzifRemoved Netori tag and added Netorare tag (corrected the mistake)
c932.172016-02-12 at 06:40velociraptorAl AzifAdded netori tag
c3112.132016-02-11 at 20:56velociraptorMyougi MarikaAdded traits
c6498.232016-01-13 at 19:34velociraptorOkabe Rintarouadded role
c6493.142016-01-13 at 19:34velociraptorHashida Itaruadded role
c38154.32016-01-13 at 19:32velociraptorShiina Kagariadded spoiler
c38154.22016-01-13 at 19:28velociraptorShiina KagariKagari's identity is a major spoiler