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t14897.32022-06-22sensei route (Spoilers route)Almost all Yuzusoft games have a tiny hidden route. You can just see the others. And there are characters like her that didn't get a route in those
t7339.112022-06-22Incest (spoilers)This thread is honestly misleading. There's absolutely not an ounce of actual interest other than familiar compassion. It's just used as a joke when
t12805.32022-06-22Hinata? No thanks (spoilers)Yea. I love this thread.. That's exactly how I felt. Both Takumi and Hinata were idiots made for each other. But the thing about him not opening up
t16068.92021-08-13Route recommended orderI think it's better to save Ayase for the last. There are quite a few revelations in that route. Nanami route has no spoilers. Hazuki is annoying and
t10413.202021-08-13Best girl@hueson Well.. She is the poster girl and the heroine of the route of enforced order. So she gets the most character development. She also gets the
t15204.462021-08-13favorite heroineEvery single route had something special except for Nanami's route. Nanami's route just felt like the extension of the prologue. All the other
t13011.212021-01-16about MC@#20 sy74kya Misaki's route is the most complete route. The ending is great too. But personally, I don't really like characters like Misaki. It's
t13011.182021-01-04about MC@ #17 by angelssww Asuka is indeed the main heroine, the anime also proves that. Her hair clip, the opening theme etc etc all points towards the same
t12968.382021-01-04favorite heroine@#36 acereishiki tsun stands for not being honest and dere for blush (or expressing the emotion/feeling). Tsun-dere characters find it very hard to
t12968.352020-12-28favorite heroine@#34 Satouin is not tsun-dere. She's the fake ojou-sama kind. The overused tsun-dere kind of girls are usually childishly violent, red haired with
t13011.162020-12-28about MC@ angelssww #15 Asuka's route felt incomplete because Masaya and Asuka never really confronted the past promise. I liked her as a heroine, and she's
t12968.332020-12-28favorite heroine@zak89 #31 That was quite a satisfying response. I agree with you on the ideal girl part. Everyone should have their own ideology of perfection and
t12968.302020-12-24favorite heroineI can agree that Misaki route is good or even great. I can agree that she gets the most character development. And she's more like a real teenage
t13011.142020-12-21about MCHonestly, the no girl end route is the one that I think is more fulfilling. I want the MC to overcome his trauma, get back what he loved the most and
t12968.272020-12-21favorite heroineI don't understand Misaki's popularity. I think she's the worst kind of girl you could encounter. Selfish, carefree to the point that it negatively
t4914.262020-12-10Boring?I don't think it's boring at all. Ageha's route was very confusing to say the least. But this novel was well researched and well executed. You can
t10413.182020-12-10Best girlI think Isuka is the best girl. Not the best heroine, just the best girl. Why? Because she's the reason why we have the whole story progress from the
t12388.12019-05-29Too short and takes so much disk space?A VN without many animations or even songs that takes up over 3GB of space should at least last for 6 hours even if it doesn't have more than one
t11459.102019-05-20Poll for favorite girlThe worst is definitely Segawa followed by Touka xD
t9419.32019-05-20Best Girl ThreadSo, let's start with the worst girl. Segawa Natsuki: Annoying, pushy and careless. Her stupidity is so bothersome that you feel tired of the route
t3913.22019-05-07So is this VN moving to manga/light novel?Well. I am sure that you know this already, but the second part is already here. (Japanese release had one part which included the whole thing which
t12001.192019-03-05Are the heroines virgins or not? (spoilers?)#18 It's not about the 'happiness' of the couple, you know? It's all about the children. The number of children with behavioural problems and
t12001.112019-03-05Are the heroines virgins or not? (spoilers?)Well. Logically, how can you trust a person who could leave someone after having enough intimacy to sleep with them to stay committed to you? It
t12001.62019-03-04Are the heroines virgins or not? (spoilers?)@el0d Thanks for asking this question. And obviously, you can't take things for granted whether it's for a game or real life. I don't really care if
t11553.292018-11-27How is naoki this unlikable?@#28 You think his racist comment deserved a better answer? As for talking about family backgrounds and calling girls leftovers, it's commonplace in
t11553.272018-11-27How is naoki this unlikable?#26.. Sure.. Majority can't be the protagonist and go for the leftovers.. In Chinese novels they call it wearing the green hat.. St. Patrick's day
t3679.672018-11-26Rewrite. What order to do routes?I think it's best to go like this Kotori=> Lucia => Chihaya => Shizuru => Akane and then Moon and Terra.. Why? Kotori first because it has the least
t11562.12018-11-26Tennouji Kotarou the useless protagonistThere are a lot of things to hate in Rewrite especially the art... But what is most hateful is the protagonist.. There is no logical reasoning for
t11553.222018-11-26How is naoki this unlikable?I missed the blackmail tag on Naoki before I got the game... I don't play games with Netori, Netorare, blackmail tags.. Also I only play games with
t10538.42018-11-222 protagonist or just one??It would've been fine to have two protagonists had there been no sexual content.. I think..
t4601.32018-10-21A happy ending?Key is known for 2 things.. 1. Making people cry with fantasy stories without much logic 2. Ugly drawings and characters even in modern VNs, not even
t7785.12016-05-04The animeI haven't played the game yet, but I watched the anime I would say it was really underwhelming or rather disappointing. The worst heroine who is an
t6593.32016-05-04Question about RiseRitsuko is the only person who showed Yandere tendencies if you ask me
t4887.52016-04-15His sister First place in harem goes to Kazuki.. Well.. At least that what Kazuki claims.. So it must be true.. "Neechan is always right". Isn't she?
t7601.12016-03-30More information on the VNI can't help but wonder that the names of the characters are quite Japanese yet the description says the game is Chinese/English.. Could someone
t7459.302016-03-28SP Possibly Licensing Out the TL?@dk382 I see, So we won't be seeing a full translation anytime soon
t7459.282016-03-25SP Possibly Licensing Out the TL?He said he won't be releasing any partial patches..only the final version will be released for public.. Only Rika's route is yet to be translated
t7053.22016-03-24TV Anime AnnouncedYea. I think it's really good compared to the other VNs that became an anime this season.. The background music is really good.. The character design
t5972.442016-03-23opinion@Saku-k.. You got that right.. It should've been about his triumphant return to fame.. That would've given us a lot of satisfaction. Also the anime
t5972.422016-03-22opinionThe anime isn't any good for something adapted from a nice VN.. I think they changed the plot quite a lot.. Misaki is the worst girl in the anime
t5890.112016-02-25Dead?There's only one translator and he won't post partial patches.. But he has vowed to complete the translation even if he has to do it alone... lol
t5883.72016-02-19How does the Anime compare to the VN?Well.. The ending of the anime was quite unpredictable.. I hated the idea of having an imouto heroine. So I decided not to play the game. So I wouldn
t6409.62016-02-12How do I delete a character?Could someone add spoiler warning and then explain why it is a spoiler?
t7367.12016-01-12Grisaia questions (spoilers)Does Kazuki have a route on her own?? Or is it just the true ending route like 11 eyes? Why would Oslo dress Yuji as a girl if he were homosexual
t7365.32016-01-12Ochi YoshihikoThank you. :)
t7365.12016-01-12Ochi YoshihikoSo. This guy's info has cannibalism in it.. Also an outdoor sex.. Who does he have sex with?? Also does he eat our hero or a heroine?? Can the sex
t7253.12015-12-1011 eyes mistakes in the infoThe info on the characters is not just insufficient, there are a few mistakes as well.. First, the characters of crossover has to be under a separate