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t12664.32019-07-27VNs with graphic human childbirthoh wow fast reply, yeah I prefer a human child or at the very least a demon/monster that looks pretty human. So far I found [MilkSoft] Zetsubou no
t12664.12019-07-27VNs with graphic human childbirthAny VNs that clearly show the girl pushing out the baby. Even better if they are engaging in sexual acts while she is giving birth. ie. anal while
t10668.32018-05-19Mom NTR@bobjr2000 thanks for replying. It doesn't matter to me if the mom is the protag or not, just as long as there is a blood related mom getting fucked
t10668.12018-05-18Mom NTRDo you guys happen to know of more mom NTR novels starting preferably in English. Something like Rinkan Kurabu (the mom has not many scenes though
t9863.32017-11-08What VN is thisMuch Thanks
t9863.12017-11-08What VN is thislink
t8731.92017-02-01bestiality VN female pregnant from the animalbestiality and pregnancy usual leads to another guy popping up in the story and knocking her up. But thanks i'll try again. also thanks for that
t8731.52017-01-25bestiality VN female pregnant from the animal@mistrus Ya I already tried that VN it wasn't what I was looking for but I loved it. @conduit this is what you are talking about, right? link
t8731.12017-01-24bestiality VN female pregnant from the animalAs the title says pretty much. Any VN that has the female getting pregnant from an animal. No orcs, or monsters. Thank you.
t7273.12015-12-14how old is the MC and Makoto ?how old is the character you play and Makoto ? I assume the MC is 17-18 just about to go off to college but not sure.
t7264.12015-12-12Are, Mamoru, and Kotone related ?From my understanding they are blood related where everyone else is adopted family correct?