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t12989.42019-10-08Still impossible to playit's near impossible to even pay attention to the story at all when your too busy checking the jewel thing every single line and every single sceneAt
t12671.132019-07-29I don’t get it.At least for me, the appeal of the epilogue aka true route was largely an emotional one - it is something to be *experienced*, and its values are
t11412.32018-10-23How do you think the YU-NO anime will turn out?The final route, which is more linear (and during which it arguably becomes a visual novel proper), should in theory be easier to adapt than the
t11207.242018-09-12Remake or orignal?One ting to note is that the remake increases the total amount of jewels from 8 to 10 (just like the Saturn version which it is based on), making it
t11207.222018-09-11Remake or orignal?I barely used a walkthrough, consulting one only about 3-5 times max (mostly when trying to get past the click-everything scenes). It isn't that hard
t11003.22018-07-31Steins;Gate/Fata Morgana not MRMMy impression was that Multiple Route Mystery was for games that have multiple routes you can finish in any order, each covering one aspect of the
t8948.22017-03-17ArtbooksThey're from the Classics CD. There's a folder that contains 20 BMP files. That one featuring Yu-no in her armour is not there and could be fan-art
t8945.22017-03-15Purpose of "Go Go Sayless!"As far as I understand: That whole section wasn't in the original release (neither in the PC-98 nor Classics CD), but élf released afterwards a
t8898.92017-03-02The real hype@8 Reviews like this mention them, and Ever17 has the Multiple Route Mystery thing going on (only one VN has done it earlier than YU-NO), so I
t8898.72017-03-02The real hype@4 & @5: Eh, I think it holds up well against several other VNs I've tried, which were weaker in terms of technical storytelling aspects such pacing
t6089.152017-01-31Chances of getting a translation?Apparently it's getting a Western release after all: link If it's true, it'd be interesting to see how it compares to the fan translation.
t8624.22017-01-01Some help with Ayumi's Route WTThis should be the relevant part in the 83-hour YouTube longplay. Hope it helps!