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t19674.12023-01-16madoka route question (spoilers)does madoka live on her route?
t19632.12023-01-08about a tag [spoilers]ita about the parting ending tag, can someon please tell me what happens on said end please?
t19380.22023-01-07How does the story end?not op but bump
t19586.12022-12-30questionare there routes where mc starts dating heroine while they think mc is female?
t19426.12022-11-26finishished ley-line 3, but... [SPOILERS]really loved the trilogy, but am i the only who was disapointed we didnt get some kind of after story or epilogue for the other heroines?. i know
t19381.12022-11-16did they die?last release was more than 5 years ago
w5424.12022-11-03Sekai Seifuku Kanojoalmost sure the 4chan guy was me, really simped ako for how funny she was, you should read the fd too, the after stories and ako sister route are
t18882.52022-08-05About 'new true end' and 'All's well that ends welif you arent like me who finishes every single vn i pick up, stoping after hishia and mitori is the best decision. i personally liked all's well
t18882.22022-08-04About 'new true end' and 'All's well that ends welabout mitori, she doesnt die, but gets into a coma at the end, the epilogue implies she wakes up the new true end is trash, it takes the worst parts
t18808.82022-07-22Here we go againwhere's the guy asking if the game will have pregnant sex
t18654.12022-06-27spoiler questionwhy did curio betray the tribe, this was never really explained as far as i know
t18534.12022-06-07restore thisthis looks like a dating sim, something that wouldnt makes sense to not be here
w3213.22022-05-31Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2#1 i think rance is the only vn that could be considered similar to what you want
t18453.12022-05-25restoration patch qualityis the restoration a good one who fixes the butchering and incoherences so it flows like the orginal. or is a low quality one like the original
t18062.132022-04-03Remake announced?#12 unless the translation wasnt clear, or the contrary was directly said on the vn and i missed it, im pretty sure it was indeed an almost
t17878.32022-02-21Question regarding some routeswhile we are here, i have heard that the subheroines gets seriously done dirty and thhe routes are sad, what happens?
t17779.52022-02-07Todokanai TL's translation quality ?from what i have heard its actually a good on.
t3399.22022-02-06Hooknecro, but same
t17735.32022-01-30spoiler questionthx
t17735.12022-01-30spoiler questionwhat happens at the end of first case
t17721.12022-01-27why is the spanish release tagged as retranslationi followed the project until it got out, but as far as i know they actually released the patch before the official english release came out.
t17647.12022-01-15+18 ?simple question, is this all ages or not
t17595.22022-01-05So Yuzusoft re-released this in All-ageswell, they did it more than 11 years ago
t16618.32022-01-01Expectations.i just want nobuchina and eurasia after story, and would personally like a proper noel route
t17570.112022-01-01Nukige with decent/long-ish build-up?#10 i wouldn call Purple Software vns nukige , they just have the perfect art for one tho. another recomendation would probably be the Bishoujo
t17570.62021-12-31Nukige with decent/long-ish build-up?#5 enjoy it.
t17570.22021-12-31Nukige with decent/long-ish build-up?not ntr but the kyonyuu fantasy series might be for you. they are definitely what you are looking for
t17555.142021-12-29Did the OP have to slap this hard?love how this thread turned into a good vn op sharing one
t17546.22021-12-26Games feels word, moonstone, 90% of their vns feel the way you mentioned
w3272.52021-12-05Monkeys!¡#2 i think my case is the oposite of yours, i began with yuki route that in my opinion, had the best romance of the vn for me (in fact i thought it
w3272.12021-12-04Monkeys!¡i think you forgot about its biggest flaw, they botched the romance in most routes, sadly thanks to how they rush through it, specially in mebachi
t17368.12021-11-17spoilerish questionif i understood corectly, the reason noa's brother has an aversion to women is because his own mother raped him? thats what i got from the final
t17365.22021-11-17Shuka’s childshe is virgin, for some random reasons she sees mc as her child
t17350.32021-11-14walkthrough#2 thank you
t17350.12021-11-14walkthroughcan someone please help me find a walkthrough for this one, none of the jap walkthrough sites i know have it
w3127.32021-11-13Princess x Princess#2 one of the good things this vn did, was doing what the original shuffle, all its fandiscs and alternate versions never did. giving us an harem
w3096.22021-11-06Hitotsu Yane no, Tsubasa no Shita demy biggest complain with this ones, is that it put together the perfect setting for a long and godtier vn konozora style but wasted it all on a short
t17301.22021-11-04About character trait thought it was more simple than that, for me it was mostly because she refers to herself with masculine/boyish pronouns mostly thanks to the image
t17288.42021-11-02some spoiler question#3 i think the vagueness its mostly hato's writing style, he loves to explain important things in very vage and indirect ways. he wasnt that bad in
t17288.12021-11-02some spoiler questionjust finished it but sadly there were a few things i didnt really understood mostly thanks to my pea sized brain that sometimes fails to understand
w854.142021-11-02Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-d
t17267.22021-10-30H-Code?i dont think this one needs it, i mean, i used both ithvnr and textractor and both didnt really need it
t17214.142021-10-21VNs with the best comedic elements#12 cant believe i forgot about kinugasa, he is a genius when it comes to comedy. i think youzitsu edginess made me forget that
t17214.82021-10-20VNs with the best comedic elementslink is a personal favorite of mine, the routes are somewhat meh but the comedy in it made it one of the funniest vn's for me, specially in ako route
t17210.12021-10-20h-codedoes someone know the h code for plus comunication from the version in link
t17194.12021-10-16about the artis it just me or does the character design looks like the one in zombieland saga
t17193.142021-10-16VN with the ugliest heroine?finding a visualy ugly heroine its probably imposible if you guys want to exclude fat heroines, since people dont want to see them, the fat ones are
t17108.152021-10-10h code#14 thank you, it worked
t17108.132021-10-10h code#12 forgive me for being and idiot but, what exactly do i have to rename
t17144.22021-10-07Realistic display of affection ?im pretty sure that what you are aking for is seriously rare and the few ocations that have it end up being cringy af.