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t13271.82019-12-11Reflection Blue announcement@6 Yes, probably so. They mention it will release on iPhone/Android. The title of the game is "Itsuwari no Alice".
t12362.132019-05-21English PatchHere ya go, my friend : link.
t10697.652018-08-24Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGame“It is to our acknowledgement that a lot of you are concerned about the quality of the translation. But due to the limited of time and resources, and
t11105.82018-08-23Another title to be butchered by SakuraGame#7 Sure, but that still doesn't neglect the fact that they got the license to those games, making it much harder for actual English publishers to
t9640.22017-09-16Question about SakunoWell, first of all, Sakuno's not exactly a coodere, as like you said, she starts out as being very close and depending of her older stepbrother. She
t6978.162017-06-29english?Got 'em~
t9292.32017-06-11WTF 0_0@2 Haha, I see what you did there. You're saying that because of the fact that in the guy's sprite art and some of his CGs the characters are mostly
t9236.82017-05-31How to obtain original game?I use the new .si domain one, though. Since that one was created by the original nyaa mods.
t7895.12016-06-01Do You Like Horny Bunnies? InstallationHey superelmo, about the game "Do You Like Bunny Girls? (The First One)" you uploaded on Sukebei, I'm experiencing some problems with it while trying
t7873.32016-05-24Can this be played on an OS beyond Windows XP?Ah, I see. It seems this game isn't all that popular and seeing as it isn't translated in the first place, the chance of finding someone who played
t7873.12016-05-24Can this be played on an OS beyond Windows XP?On this game's Getchu entry, here: link, it doesn't mention any compatibility with a Windows OS beyond XP. Here is the info in question: 製品仕様/動作環境
t7528.12016-03-06Translation of OP/ED ThemeFor whoever's interested, here's my translation of the ending song “Daisuki na Kimi e (大好きな君へ, To You, My Beloved)”: Swaying in the wind, a cute
t7416.12016-01-30Opening Theme Translation(Please keep in mind that I'm still just an amateur and I therefore cannot assure you of the quality of this translation.) Song Title: Absolute☆Love
t6247.82016-01-08Any information on this ?Yeah, I have no objections to the sex scenes being really beautiful to look at, definitely not. Hell, the artwork in the entire novel is straight out
t6247.62016-01-08Any information on this ?@4 So, does this game cover the entire web novel (55 chapters), which is still ongoing. Haven't read it yet, but it seems to have been a while since