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c339.52012-01-09 at 16:06tangoHinata MizukiCheck the green highlighted stuff below!
c762.62012-01-09 at 02:53tangoTezuka Rin"Looks brown to me. Let's compromise". Don't use her official bio as a source and then ignore it. Besides, this isn't about a compromise between me
c760.42012-01-08 at 14:34tangoHakamichi ShizuneI really wanted to add something like "bossy" and "organisation freak", but "arrogant" and "stubborn" are the only two relevant personality tags that
c764.32012-01-08 at 14:30tangoSatou LillyLilly's most distinctive personality trait is her refined nature and formal speech.
c762.42012-01-08 at 14:27tangoTezuka RinHer hair is red not brown, it says so on the official site which this description actually gave as a source. I also added "painting" since it seemed