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t13398.42021-11-26PicturesHere's my list that I made for if I play it again. 1. Automatic in Searching For Princess Alice (1) right before location choice 2. Automatic in
t13377.52021-11-24The third ending and the "hidden" sceneSo just to be clear, if you play through picking every devil choice, another playthrough picking every angel choice, and save when Chinami shows up
t2059.172012-01-24What happened with amaterasu translations site?I'm now getting a 404 too. I edited the hosts file before and it worked with the latest IP given in this thread. I've just tried it with a normal
t2341.1162012-01-18Katawa Shoujo - GDYou're not too bright are you? To call something a trap or reverse trap, you have to know their actual gender. If you actually thought Bridget was a
t2341.1142012-01-18Katawa Shoujo - GDEven if you know their actual gender, you can still call them a trap or reverse trap. In Guilty Gear, Bridget repeatedly states that he is male and
t2367.112012-01-17Can't do tutorial missionThanks for the link. I guess I just need to attune my mind better for an Ogre Battle style strategy game, I was expecting something more like
t2341.1092012-01-17Katawa Shoujo - GDI haven't read it yet so I don't have an opinion either way. However, I'd agree with the detractors who say that objectively it's bad because it isn
t2367.92012-01-17Can't do tutorial missionOh, it's just that if either squad has already moved, you can't swap members, and the girls' squad has already moved when Yuuto first becomes
t2341.1072012-01-17Katawa Shoujo - GDJust ask about Anonymous22 (aka A22) on the official forums. The myth is that he left and some other person took over and made a mess of it, but it's
t2367.72012-01-17Can't do tutorial missionAnother thing, I've just been given control of the main character, but I can't put any other party members with him and he dies in one hit after not
t2367.52012-01-17Can't do tutorial missionThanks for the advice. It's a bit annoying since the game actually explicitly says to never put Orpha into defense and equally explicitly tells you
t2341.1042012-01-17Katawa Shoujo - GDShizune's route was intentionally ruined by the writer. He didn't like Shizune as a character but was "forced" to keep on writing for her. In a
t2367.32012-01-17Can't do tutorial missionOkay, this is the first battle in the game. What's happening is that the fireball enemies will kill Esperia in one or two attacks. Of course, I can
t2367.12012-01-17Can't do tutorial missionI've listened to the tutorials but after so many turns the green girl dies and I get a game over. I go back to an allied base to recharge my skills
t1391.162012-01-17Tears to Tiara discussion.I really like the atmosphere and general feel of the game, it really has a lot of polish and feels more like a SRPG on a console than an eroge with