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t11968.52019-09-22Mangagamer TranslationI played a little of it. From the intro, it feels like the changed Nobunaga's personality. Personally, the forced localization feels off. I'd
t11443.232018-12-25Best Girl ~ Route [Poll]Meguru was best girl (not saying a whole lot), but i liked that Nene's route explored the time traveling after we had already experienced the story
t10842.22018-07-26Common routeI'll agree that this common route was long af. Since Grisaia was mentioned, that's just long overall. Idk if "too long" is a thing though, because I
t10815.32018-06-17Fleshed-out LivesI think the easiest way to phrase it would be that they seem like real people. Gotta agree with a few others that the MC is cringey tho.
t10815.12018-06-15Fleshed-out LivesPeople in real life: Man, there's no way i can do nothing at home all day People in VNs: Watch me. I just like how people actually do things in
t10802.32018-06-13I recommend itPretty cheap. Cheap but didn't break the immersion it builds.
t10802.12018-06-13I recommend itThat's it. Art: stylistic, unique, good story: pretty damn good BGM: alright. Haven't played anything else by this group, might. Quick edit
t10343.142018-05-12It's surprisingly funThe game play is fun, and i love the supporting cast, but the MC and the antagonists are lacking in the ACTUAL personality department.