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t16066.22021-05-18Mind Hacker?1. This is a hybrid. 2. There are narrative sections each time the girl's core is completely corrupted. Mostly these manifest themselves as sex
t14830.212020-10-06VNDB Moderators eacil and beliar behavior" Actually that vndbreview thingy he links to in his descriptions is his own blog, so there's that. I'm still wary of those, since I remember him
t14830.152020-10-06VNDB Moderators eacil and beliar behaviorI have no issues with summarising official game synopses as a game description. I do have a problem with blindly copying second-hand descriptions by
t14830.82020-10-06VNDB Moderators eacil and beliar behaviorNot sure how we've missed out on this person being a clone of tyciol, what with the exact same flawed reasoning and lazy stance. Admins have made
t8242.3202020-09-29The how to edit threadMore than that. After being banned for rubbish entries, created 10+ clone accounts to continue "contributing". Absolutely unrepentant to the end.
t2108.33632020-09-28Candidates for deletionIf it's a CG set, then it's out. Probably CGs tagged along with what is essentially a text novel. User who does this only copies and pasted DLsite
t2108.33612020-09-28Candidates for deletionArad Senki CG-shuu Juuyoku no Ori 2 No idea why this is being added as an entry when the title clearly states it's a CG collection.
t3314.23312020-09-25Traits" Is bookkeeper really an alias of librarian? Librarian And do we agree that a bookshop's clerk is not a librarian? " No. Yes.
t8242.3012020-09-25The how to edit thread" Just to be sure - are we talking about this San Shimai? " If the moderators are, just purge the entries. Played it years ago before I could read
t2108.33552020-09-22Candidates for deletion@HomeMate Illusion sex simulator. There's no story to speak of.
t14766.32020-09-22H-scene One gang bang scene is completely unavoidable if players play the full game to its ending. If that's too much, don't play.
t14623.162020-09-18a complete letdown" well of course you didn't feel it that way because you haven't play saishuu 3...(which you should btw I strongly recommend it) I don't really
t14725.22020-09-14Complete SavegameYou don't look hard enough. Probably another case of user not capable or not bothering to do the search in Japanese. link Sagaoz doesn't like direct
t14623.102020-08-30a complete letdown"Because I know objectively how long the game is. You know, this is not the first time I play games from this studio, and in general from any other
t14623.82020-08-29a complete letdown" What does it matter to you how much time I spend playing the game? Maybe I will spend 58 hours on it. " It matters for the database what length you
t14623.62020-08-29a complete letdownI've seen the gallery for Saishuu 3, still think it's too much trouble for what's on offer. Better gameplay and a similar premise, but it's from 2010
t14623.42020-08-29a complete letdown" After previous game, I somehow lost desire to play the new Astronauts Sirius games. Their art design is amazing, of course, but I don't have the
t14623.22020-08-29a complete letdownI'll bet the above post was played using a machine translator with guessing filling in most of the blanks. 1. The girls do not board the ark
t7744.202020-08-26Any plan for a translation ?" How good is the current translation? Is it playable or not? Have no Japanese knowledge. " It's not machine translation, for starters. At the very
t14549.22020-08-19How can you estimate length of a VN?You play it and explain how you got to that number?
t14519.72020-08-14How readable is this without native level jp?" Having looked over that second screenshot again much more carefully and looked up some phrases (like 目立ってなんぼよ), I still can't understand the
t14519.22020-08-14How readable is this without native level jp?Can you read the Dies Irae series by the same writer without help? If you can and like what you read, this one won't be a problem. If you don't like
t2108.32982020-08-05Candidates for deletionSanmai no Ofuda. J-RPG. Someone please block u173452 from creating any more entries until he bothers to read the rules on what can and cannot be
t14374.22020-07-22Unlockable routes tagLong common route (with no 18+ sexual content). The "after-stories" where players select the heroine are much shorter compared to the main story and
t14369.22020-07-21himegari is more better than conquista?Hasn't finished the game, jumps to conclusions. There's more dialogue in this game than Sankai Ou (which is no surprise). There's less character
t12882.382020-07-09Yorhel's VNDB Development ramblings" New people often misinterpret the "edit summary" field to mean that it is used to edit the... summary, or something. Like an additional
t14313.22020-07-09EGS ProxyUse a VPN?
t14310.42020-07-08Do you use the Auto-Function and why?Don't use it. I read faster than the voiced lines and no auto-speed reader displays text faster than my line of sight.
t14295.92020-07-06Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?Offerings from light have great soundtracks for me. I still listen to Dies Irae and Kajiri Kamui Kagura music every so often. I picked up the Sora no
t14263.382020-06-29Stop changing the VN length ffsYou didn't vote on this, so you're just as aggressively defending something you haven't read either. Your opinion is just as worthless as everyone
t2520.4432020-06-29Minor error/sDelete cookies and log in to the website again.
t14263.362020-06-29Stop changing the VN length ffsSo dialogue pauses which are effectively bloat are part of the "user experience". Double standards; it gives nothing of value and I don't miss
t14263.342020-06-29Stop changing the VN length ffsWell done, assuming the length of the voice file is the gospel truth when YOU have completely ignored anything like a dialogue pause or repeated
t14263.312020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" It takes literally 2 minutes to do it and check it. " 2 minutes to extract audio files which you can then claim are 31 hours long? Prove it. If all
t2520.4402020-06-28Minor error/s" I can see, but why not make the distinction? It's not really that hard, and it keeps the accuracy of Japanese romanization. " One thing I
t14263.292020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" Visual novels are a combination of text, voices, music, art. Do you understand that? Not just text. If you want text, go read a novel. Someone
t14263.262020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" If it's not as drastic, how'd OP get from estimated 35h down to 22h? The estimate of speedreaders is pointless for anyone else. " It's still an
t14263.232020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffsIf the rules are fine as they are, stop insisting skipping is taboo for estimating visual novel length. I don't need to know every last moan and
t14263.212020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" There is exact length in each VN, and just the length of voiced lines in this VN is over 30 hours. Simple as that. " You've made your point about
t14263.172020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" Is this database only for native speakers? No, that's EGS. Either way, the alleged reading style of one group for which you so brazenly speak is
t14263.152020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" he current system needs to be replaced with a user vote based system that averages out different reading speeds and habits, and actually gives an
t14263.122020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" But you are not entitled to apply this shitty reading style to the database which is to be used by everyone. 31 hours of voices; 6 hours by the
t14263.102020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" Visual novels are a combination of text, voices, music, art. Do you understand that? Not just text. If you want text, go read a novel. Someone
t14263.82020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffs" You and your "Japanese friends" should realize VNs are not just reading, but also listening. Stop skipping voices. Here's an objective fact for you
t2520.4352020-06-28Minor error/sI'm trying to add link to the external link section in link, but I keep getting an invalid URL. I've tried restricting the entry to the RJ entry
t14135.142020-06-13sacrifice option" I wanted to counter with 'compensating for a small dick with that big talk' but this shit takes the cake :D " Another time-waster. Thread served
t14135.122020-06-13sacrifice option" Can't understand why you're so angry are you perhaps on your period? " Can't understand why trolls with machine tools as a crutch derive pleasure
t14135.102020-06-13sacrifice option" You lack imagination, sacrifice here means 苗床 end for the girl, not death. For the male well there's succubus army right, they need energy essence
t14135.82020-06-08sacrifice option" I guess he meant that it feels uncomfortable to sacrifice the monsters. Especially those hot monster girls. :( " Player either kill them in battle
t14135.62020-06-08sacrifice optionThen ignore the option. You don't need it if you're cheating. Not sure what the point of the thread is for cheating players who don't care either way.