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t12119.152019-04-04Greenwood (light's parent) is shutting downOriginal announcement: link Other website's news article on said announcement: link What's confirmed: Campus has a new home under AkabeiSoft. Their
t12086.82019-04-04How to get a HUGE amount of money in short timeNot big on coding, so don't get the same thrill of manipulating cheat engine numbers others get to artificially max out stats which don't make much
t12086.62019-04-02How to get a HUGE amount of money in short timeEushully have been using the same game engine for years, so a mature cheat engine mechanism should be par for the course by now. Then again, I'm not
t12086.42019-03-31How to get a HUGE amount of money in short timeThere are only two types of weapons worth upgrading: each character's unique weapon from the Black Eushully shop or the white unique weapon dropped
t9455.422019-03-26Multiple account troll editorAgreed. Spams new entries instead of fixing the muck generated over the years. Same style for writing descriptions.
t12100.22019-03-25Broken JapaneseYou mean Japanese written in Katakana and with the voice acting done with a stereotypically foreign accent? Not a problem if it's written with
t12086.22019-03-24How to get a HUGE amount of money in short timeSolution 1: Good for the start, pointless after the money demands go to the thousands. Solution 2: Not an option for anyone who didn't preorder. Not
t2108.27192019-03-01Candidates for deletionKing Exit 18+ JRPG. Not a VN.
t11888.62019-02-24Anki deck for JP expressionsBetter than doing your own from scratch. As I said before, if you need the language to fap to what you can see you won't need to memorize the entire
t11936.22019-02-16Someone please update STARWORKS work on this siteThey're all 18+ JRPGS, this is a VN database.
t11907.802019-02-16TitleBeliar has made his stance, so it's up to him and the others. There's enough ambiguity with Sanoba to keep it as it is, not to mention the
t11907.782019-02-16TitleSwitch No and Ba around and it becomes Sabano. Which you've rejected as arbitrary. Sabbat of the Witch is the auxiliary title. I see it as a triple
t11907.762019-02-16TitleOops, indeed the title doesn't. You angling for the title to be translated as Son of a Bitch or Son of a Witch? Based on your opening post, you're
t11907.742019-02-16Title Ask Yuzusoft why they decided to make a "Son of a Bitch" reference with that title, not me. I don't have to, since the title ends with ウィッチ. Also
t11907.722019-02-16TitleFrom the first page of your google translate search: link 遅め : ソン(サン)オブアビッチ 普通 : サンノブアビッチ 早口 : サノバビッチ さのば turns out to be what the Japanese would
t11907.702019-02-16Title lol. I am pretty sure that サノバビッチ is used way more frequently than サンオブアビッチ. Prove it. Type your Jisho entry in any of the dictionaries provided in
t11907.692019-02-16Title Rampaa seems to have a fetish for very strict rules. He always says: "Add a rule to the FAQ, so it becomes clear how this or that situation should
t11907.672019-02-16TitleIt certainly was, since someone took it very personally. Tell me about how Jisho is a MTer. Because Jisho is a user-contribution online dictionary
t11907.652019-02-16TitleSo ヤリサー is supposed to connote a swinging circle? Then I'd go with Yaricir. Not accusing anyone of anything, but if someone is going to do a mass
t11907.632019-02-16Title "Son of a Witch: Sabbat of the Witch" would cover every meaning this VN has to offer. The protagonist's identity as a son of someone is not
t11907.502019-02-15TitleAccording to link: サノバ refers to the protagonist as the offspring of a certain witch. However, switch no and ba around and it will read サバノ which
t11903.42019-02-09Localization and Steiner is Light's new PR managerPantheon: Upcoming social game, but with some of the narrative sections written by the same writer as the Dies Irae trilogy. Interview is really for
t11888.42019-02-06Anki deck for JP expressionsHardly anything to remember for N5 (a part of the old N3) with most of the common expressions in N2. If you're using this language to fap to what you
t11888.22019-02-05Anki deck for JP expressionsNo point. People naturally remember and memorise the ones they use on an everyday basis and look up the rest from a dictionary when required
t11868.772019-02-01Ruka's nameEven the linked government system doesn't differ from the modified Hepburn for る. Not sure what the argument is.
t11868.742019-02-01Ruka's name@#72: So rare I've never heard of it. Give an example. ISO standard isn't even used for computer typing, Microsoft IME will not accept lu when
t11868.712019-02-01Ruka's name@#71: About that point about Romanization equalling pronunciation, the only reason why Beliar the moderator is not coming down on the side of the
t11868.692019-02-01Ruka's name@#68: Just checking, can you speak and read Japanese?
t11868.672019-02-01Ruka's nameAnime fansub Romanization has no bearing on what this database uses. Original Japanese uses hiragana, which non-Japanese cannot read unless they know
t11868.72019-01-30Ruka's nameRomanization and how the name is actually pronounced don't always match. Ramen is essentially borrowed from the Chinese 拉面 (la mian) and the
t10625.222019-01-30Note on official romanisation vs. database rulesAdministrators and moderators don't like FAQ bloat. I've set my case on why I think it should be set to r, so it's up to the rule setters to decide
t10625.202019-01-29Note on official romanisation vs. database rulesLooks like someone else jumped in with the Luka edit instead of Ruka. I assume administrators and moderators are happy with the choice, so I won't
t10625.192019-01-27Note on official romanisation vs. database rulesIf the R/L ambiguity is looked at on a case by case basis, I think the compromise with Luka as the official Romanization alias is fine. But it's not
t10625.172019-01-27Note on official romanisation vs. database rulesI doubt it, since "Ruka" gives 瑠香、瑠伽、瑠加 etc. when using IME. It also gives "Luke" as an English equivalent, which might be applicable given who the
t11817.82019-01-26how to do a decent character entry With canonical information for the most part Rubbish. You've been called out for copying and pasting what you see and not bothering to do more than
t10625.132019-01-24Note on official romanisation vs. database rulesCorrect. Users who think official Romanisation trumps the database version are numerous and not always corrected by the moderators.
t11817.62019-01-19how to do a decent character entryI'm not the only one who thinks you're blighting the database with your obstinacy and blatant rule-breaking. But you don't care, as you have always
t9455.392019-01-19Multiple account troll editorI'll have to back up my posts next time with quotes, or else I'll be dismissed for ranting. Regardless, I'll flag up any additional clone accounts
t11817.42019-01-16how to do a decent character entryALL of your clone accounts have the reminder about what you should be doing, so justifying your laziness isn't going to work. Oh wow, even
t9455.342019-01-16Multiple account troll editorYou only read things when you're under personal attack, so might have to do it more often since gentle reminders from moderators on what you should
t9455.322019-01-16Multiple account troll editorRepeating the same rehashed arguments he's been parroting for years. No amount of arguing is going to change his mind that "incomplete skeleton
t9455.302019-01-16Multiple account troll editorAnd while he's at it, he could make the effort to actually read what Shinnew painstakingly dug up from 2015 regarding how to do proper character
t11817.22019-01-16how to do a decent character entryIf you don't bother reading what others have to say on other threads in addition to the countless other pointers you've been receiving since at least
t2108.26432019-01-15Candidates for deletionWishful thinking perhaps, but it's one less loophole the lazy can exploit when they try to justify their sub-standard troll entries. Oh well.
t9455.262019-01-15Multiple account troll editoru158504 is another of the troll's clone accounts after december got banned. Another to add to the list.
t2108.26402019-01-15Candidates for deletionThe guidelines in link are just that, guidelines. "Contributors" who think adding a blank entry with little more than a name aren't exactly flouting
t9455.252019-01-15Multiple account troll editorSo being bone lazy and expecting others to clean up your substandard troll entries is contribution? You've learnt absolutely nothing from the seven
t9455.232019-01-10Multiple account troll editorAlready flagged up here: link Aren't there supposed to be rules about multiple account creation to circumvent bans? Multiple warnings before, still
t11761.42019-01-03In what order should I read this VN?Kasumi and Kei are the two "minor" routes, but there's enough background information in both that readers will be lost had they started on the two
t11761.22019-01-03In what order should I read this VN?There's some content in Kei's route which makes no sense if the Kasumi route isn't done first, whereas Kasumi on its own without any background